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Cars Women Love

Cars Women Love

There has been a saying that when making decisions, men use their head and women use their hearts. But in terms of buying or choosing a car to drive, men appeared to have been listening to their hearts more while women, unlikely as it may seem, proved to be the smarter buyers. Since most men are naturally in love with cars, they tend to choose cars based on their aesthetic value rather than their practical uses. They fall for cars that look cool and edgy, and would make them kings of the road. In contrast with women, the general female population would go far vehicles that are fuel-efficient and easy to drive.

One of the most popular car picks among women is the Volvo S40. It is a small family car that is very efficient in terms of fuel usage. It is even advertised as the “Fuel Efficient Sedan” which is practically why women would love driving a Volvo S40. However, its sale has already been stopped in the United States. Luckily, there is a new release last 2012- the Volvo S60.

Another ladies’ choice is the Nissan Rogue. With its huge seating capacity, it is a good pick for a woman with kids. Not only does it offer fuel-efficient engine, it also has a considerably low starting price most women could afford.

Volkswagens are also popular among the female population. Volkswagen EOS is one of the most expensive cars among women. This top down car, also called a convertible, gives a good drive in fine days when you want the breeze combing through your hair and also for rainy days when you need a roof over your head. Its high technology features and elegant style makes it a preference despite the high price. Beetles are also liked with its classic style and fuel-efficient engine. There have been new releases of the original Beetle that have improved functions while retaining the classic look.

Women would also love owning a Hyundai Tucson. It has an elegant style, large seating capacity and storage space, and is also very efficient in fuel. Moreover, it is also an affordable choice with topnotch safety quality.

Focusing on practicality, women may also consider owning a Nissan Sentra. It has a spacious backseat, and also very efficient fuel usage and satisfying acceleration performance. It also looks simple and would certainly fit a woman who knows how to cut on the cost.

Mazda is also a popular choice among women. If you are an independent and single woman, the Miata would be a pretty neat treat for you. It is also a convertible like the Volksagen EOS. It may not offer lots of storage space but it assures you of a fun drive with a fuel-efficient engine. For a woman with a family, Mazda 3 is a good pick as well. It has lots of space for the passengers and for the storage, and is also a stylish choice for every woman with a family.

Women can also do practically well behind the steering wheel.

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