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Cheesy Healthy

Cheese is not really often promoted in your healthy diet. However, cheese is basically concentrated milk in which rest assured you can also acquire protein, calcium, phosphorus and fat that you expect to find in milk in a much more amount. The only risk in eating cheese is the amount of fat that it contains particularly saturated fat in which all cheese actually have. There are many types of cheese. They are categorized depending on the country or region of origin, length of ageing, texture, methods of making, fat content, animal milk used and others. Mozzarella, Parmesan, Cheddar cheeses are the cheese which would be the most familiar to you as seen in your favorite pizza. If you are looking for healthy cheese, you might consider those cheeses with lower amount of saturated fat. As a general rule in cheese that may help you out, the harder the cheese; the higher is its fat content. Here are some of the healthy cheeses for you.

Cottage cheeses are unpressed cheese curd which could have the lowest amount of saturated fat. While this type of cheese may be high in salt content, you can still search some with low salt which makes it healthiest among all cheeses. Quark is also a type of unpressed cheese curd that have lower salt content than that of a normal cottage cheese but of higher fat content. If you are wondering are unpressed cheese, this are basically cheese which have not undergone other processes aside from fermentation which is a requirement for making cheese. Ricotta is also considered a healthy cheese due to its low fat content as compared to most cheese out there. Permegiano Reggiano is a high quality of Parmesan cheese which undergoes to a stringent test to qualify for the officia Consorzio mark. The processes done for the production of this type of cheese makes its fat content lower and healthier. There is also feta cheese and Halloumi which is made from goat’s or sheep’s milk that makes it healthier. Just don’t forget to check the label in buying halloumi cheese since there are some who makes this from cow’s milk that makes it not among the healthy cheese.

If you are very anxious in avoiding the fat in cheese, better start avoiding cream cheese, cheddar cheese, Gouda cheese and other cheese aside from what is mentioned earlier. You can opt to try those low-fat cheese but you have to realize that the texture and taste will be unsatisfying such that it could be rubbery or like eating plastic. Come to think of it, it is not really necessary to totally avoid cheese since it still contributes nutrition needed by your body. France and Greece are among the largest cheese consuming nations in the world but despite that, study have shown that these people are not at high rate of heart attack or other heart problems. You have nothing to fear about. As long as you consume just the right amount of it, there is no problem in enjoying the unique cheesy taste that almost everyone loves.    


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