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Chemistry: what attraction is all about

Chemistry: what attraction is all about

Have you ever wondered why you like other men and why you don’t? How come that being just a man is not enough reason to make both of you as a pair? Even animals have to compete to have a mate, and eventually everyone would face life happier with their match. How to find them? Let’s bring the Law of Attraction a closer look to understand why him and why not him.

To go off well in a relationship, you commonly have to share common interest, same values, similar, background. This provides the connection to both of you making you last. But for the start, you two should first “click” together. Chemistry brings forth the heat and spice for a start of a relationship. This chemistry, if worked well, might even make you find your soul mate.

Having Sound-like names. Psychologically, human are conditioned to like what feels familiar. It is something in our subconscious mind that we cannot actually control. Often times, the use of complementary pet names will work to get that connection for both of you.

Why him and why her? It’s sometimes on having the same level of attractiveness. Physical attractiveness is the level of desirability and pleasantness of a person.Well, we can’t deny the fact that physical appearance do matter at some point, especially when meeting with a complete stranger. We just have to look at the appearance to start liking someone. Another factor related to this is the fact that human does not want rejection. Because of this, human tend to like someone with the same level of attraction in the physical sense. This explains why average looking people tend to look for average looking mate and classically beautiful people pair up.

Having the same quirky habits. Compatibility is based having the common interest. Attraction between two people starts when both mirrored each other’s idiosyncrasies. It’s good to ask their oddest childhood habits, common hobbies to find the connection that can bind you.

Each other’s halves. You complete each other. People do search for someone having the traits that they lack. For example, if you’re having a problem in getting along with others, you tend to seek for someone who is sociable enough.  This is to provide balance to your personality. You tend to understand what it is to be like him and may become a well- rounded person.

At times, even compatibility in scent  is also considered. Those that often match the body scent of one another  create that attraction. Though, seldom would people say that they got attracted with the smell.

We all want that special someone to be with for the rest of our lives. But in order to get there, attraction is the first step. As there may be other factors that are not mentioned here, we can always say that the gut feel is one thing that we usually follow in these cases. So if you’re looking for that someone, you can start making yourself “attractive” considering the law of attraction. Good Luck!

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