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With the right song and dance, you can get away with murder.”

This phenomenal musical that stunned the world with its fierceness, sexiness, and allure remains as one of the most celebrated musical films even after a decade since it first came out. The appeal and extraordinary charisma of an interesting plot, feisty song numbers, and brilliant movie stars made Chicago nothing less than a stunning success.

Not only it is fun, and entertaining, it also so brilliant that it bagged a total of six dashing Academy Awards statuettes and got nominated for other seven categories last 2003. Catherine Zeta-Jones was hailed the Best Supporting Actress for playing the role of performer who turned into a murderess named Velma Kelly. Art director John Myhre and set decorator Gordon Sim also brought home their Oscars for the Best Art Direction- Set Decoration category. Martin Walsh won the Best Film Editing award. Michael Minkler, Dominick Tavella, and David Lee were all winners of the Best Sound award. And most importantly, this film brought home the Oscar statuette for the Best Picture as awarded to Martin Richards. Moreover, John C. Reilly and Queen Latifah got nominated for supporting role categories. Renee Zellweger also got an Oscar nod as the Best Actress. Dion Beebe’s cinematography was also given consideration by The Academy. Bill Condon also secured a nomination for the Best Adapted Screenplay. John Kander who composed the music and Fred Ebb who wrote the lyrics for the song I Move On were also considered for the Best Original Song award. Director Rob Marshall was also nominated as Best Director for his superb directing skills.

This is about the 1920s Chicago where performer wannabe Roxie Hart murdered a guy whom she hooked up with thinking she has a chance of being a performer if she gives him what he wants who met the  former popular jazz performer Velma Kelly who murdered her sister and husband when he caught them in the act of cheating her. They both struggle to be acquitted of their crimes and be free from the gallows where the key is to fight for fame with the aid of the attorney who has never lost a case, Billy Flynn. Every scene were all seen in the head of the lead Roxie Hart as song numbers.

This gave birth to famous soundtracks like And All That Jazz, the ever so amazing theatrical presentation of Cell Block Tango, and the timeless Mr. Cellophane. Chicago is filled with an interesting plot that would effortlessly hold your attention up to the very end, fierce and sexy song and dance numbers, and topnotch acting performances by some of Hollywood’s finest.

Chicago is a sexy, irresistible and enthralling offering that rarely comes across the big screen. Many have attempted to overcome the brilliance of Chicago, but the musical that would outdo such a marvel still remains nonexistent up to this very day. No wonder it bound the audience under its spell and at the same time captivated The Academy. Chicago is an addictive treat that leaves you wanting for more.

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