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Chocolate Fever

Chocolate Fever

Chocolate. It is something that almost every one of us cannot resist. But do you know that it was also known as the food for the Gods. And like us, humans, Gods do need to be healthy and eating chocolates maybe a way for them to maintain their godly power, just kidding. Eating chocolates is also a way to keep you healthy at times. Chocolates like any other food you eat has its own package and combinations of vitamins and minerals which will help you a lot as you walk into a healthier and more active  lifestyle.

But before ravishing yourself to a lot of dark temptations, you must know that before it was known as our favorite dessert, it had undergone several refining, flavoring, and enhancements and begins first with the fruit of the theobroma cacao.  After the cacao fruit was harvested, it was fermented, dried and roosted and ground to the desired quality. After several processes it will produce several products including the cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and other common chocolate variety.

Common varieties of chocolate are dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate. All of these varieties of chocolate have different nutritional fact which will be beneficial to your body. Dark chocolate is a variety of chocolate with liquor, sugar, cocoa, butter and lecithin. It is a kind of chocolate with the highest cocoa content, ranging from 30 percent for semi-sweet dark chocolate and 70 to 80 percent for extremely dark chocolate bars. Researches prove that dark chocolate keeps blood cholesterol from accumulating in the blood vessels. Because of its capability to reduce blood cholesterol from being intact with our blood vessels, it can help lowering the blood pressure to those patients with hypertension. And dark chocolate was also known for its ability to give energy, as it has traces of several stimulants like caffeine and theobromine. Dark chocolate also contains several fats like oleic acid, and stearic acid. All of which are helpful in decreasing and controlling fat and cholesterol levels.

On the other hand white chocolate is not derived from cocoa but from cocoa butter and sugar. It contains the least amount of cocoa content, ranging from the minimum of 20 percent and lower. Because of that white chocolate has the least nutritional benefits of all the chocolate variety. But it is still a good source of several vitamins and minerals even though it only provides small quantities compared to other chocolates.

Aside from white and dark chocolate, milk chocolate is also one of the most popular and nutritional chocolates. Milk chocolate is a mix of cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, and condensed milk or dry milk solids. It contains 20pecent to 25 percent cocoa content. Even though the nutritional content of milk chocolate was a bit higher, mainly because it was combined with milk, it was still low if we will base it on other types of chocolates.

Knowing about something that we like to eat may add up to our awareness in our health while enjoying the food that we eat. Just remember that anything that was too much may be of a cause you much trouble, so even though you know that chocolates are nutritious, still you must eat it with proper control or else you may end up with high blood sugar levels or worst with diabetes.


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