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Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, what a good way it would be to declare love and affection by giving her chocolates? Yes, it is a clichéd practice but it remains popular for a reason. Chocolates should never ever be out of the picture during Valentine’s or whatever day it is that involves romance. But before rushing to the nearest store and purchasing any chocolate bar or truffle to give to the person you have feelings for, it is better to get to know the many kinds of chocolates and be sure that what you would give would suit the receiver’s taste and preference.

Chocolate is a kind of confectionery whose main ingredient is cocoa. Confectionary is a food in a form of a dessert created with large amounts of sugar. Chocolates are available in many various kinds and classes.

  • Unsweetened Chocolate

It is also called bitter or baking chocolate since, obviously, it is used for baking. It has the smell of a real chocolate, well it is real, but with bitter taste that is not meant for direct consumption. It has to be combined to other ingredients to produce a desired product. It is the base ingredient for every kind of chocolate except for white chocolate. With unsweetened chocolate, you can test your creativity and make a chocolate personalized only for the one you love.

  • Bittersweet Chocolate

What sets it apart is that its minimum amount of chocolate liquor it has is fifty percent. It has deeper flavor than semi-sweet or semi dark chocolates. But since the amount of sugar is not regulated nor has any standard to follow, its sweetness and bitterness vary greatly from the amount of sugar added which is solely up to the manufacturers.

  • Semi-sweet Chocolate

This type of chocolate has chocolate liquor with thirty-five percent as its minimum amount. Just like with bittersweet chocolate, the amount of sugar added is not standardized or regulated so its taste vary from how manufacturers produce each of their own brand of chocolate.

  • Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates are chocolates made with no milk component. Bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolates may fall under the dark chocolate category. Dark chocolates are generally somehow bitter but there are also sweet dark chocolates. It actually depends on the amount of sugar added. Aside from its strong or powerful chocolate taste, dark chocolates offer health benefits since it is good for our vital organs like the heart and the brain, it helps control the blood sugar, it contains antioxidants and theobromine (substance that hardens the tooth enamel), and has vitamins and minerals such as potassium and iron.

  • Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolates either contain condensed milk or dry milk solids. It is usually sweeter than dark chocolates, and is also of lighter color and less prominent chocolate component. Moreover, milk chocolates are hard to temper and is prone to overheating.

  • White Chocolate

White chocolate contains no chocolate liquor or any other cocoa product except for cocoa butter. The chocolate taste is not defined but rather the vanilla or any other flavoring added is the one that is distinct. The only thing making this a chocolate is the cocoa butter.

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