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Choosing the Right Glasses

Choosing the Right Glasses

Not all frames fit every face. As there are varying face shapes, there are also different frames of glasses that will each and every kind of face perfectly. You cannot just buy a pair of glasses that catches your eye, or else you will end up spending money on something you can never actually use or worse, you will end up wasting your money on something that makes you look less beautiful. The key is to know your face shape and let us provide you a guide in choosing the right glasses.

You may among the heart-shaped gals. You will know if your face is in the shape of a heart if you have notably wide forehead, ell-defined cheekbones and a narrow chin. It is just like the shape of the heart, which is the reason why it is called heart-shaped. You must pick a frame that sets focus on the lower part of the face since your face is kind of top-heavy. Any big-sized frame would do as long as they make the lower face bigger or wider. You could also pick rounded frames that would lighten the impact of the noticeably wide forehead. Overdesigned glasses are a no-no as well as frames that put attention on the upper part of the face.

Now, if you have a wide forehead as well as an edgy jaw, then you must be a square-faced chick. Your broad forehead and apparently broad jaw appear to be in some kind of a proportion. Rounded or oval-shaped frames are must-haves for you since they lessen the edge on your face, which is a little bit too much so they must be softened. Avoid square-shaped frames or those that have sharp features that boost the edges of the face. Your goal is to soften those edges, not to reinforce them.

The opposite of having a square-shaped face is having a round one. If your face has a few number of angles, or simply having narrow forehead and jaw, and full cheekbones, then you are having a round-shaped face. You should go for square-shaped, rectangular-shaped or any frame with lots of edges and angles. They sharpen the features of the face and at the same time, they can make the face look longer and thinner. Of course, the ones to avoid are rounded designs. Furthermore, you must also put the focus on the upper part of the face so choose frames with the arms connected to the uppermost part of the frame.

Now, if you have an oval face, you must be lucky. Since your features are in proportion, almost any style would work just fine for you. You may consider square frames or edgy ones since they can add sharpness to the soft features. The only ones to avoid are the ones that are too large for your face.

If you have an oblong face, or in broader description, if you have a face whose width is notably shorter than its length, choose designs that give the illusion making your face look shorter. Wide glasses add width so you must try wearing them. Avoid short frames that have the tendency to make your face look longer.

If you have narrow forehead, jaw, and eye line but quite defined cheekbones, your face is diamond-shaped. Choose frames that emphasize your cheekbones which are your asset. Also pick oval ones that balance your features.

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