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Choosing the Right Lipstick

Choosing the Right Lipstick

Like clothes, wearing lipsticks must be well thought of. Not every shade would fit everyone. Do not let wearing a lipstick make you look worse when it is supposed to make you look better. Wearing a lipstick always makes a woman look better. More often than not, one just do not wear a lipstick not because she does not want to but because she does not know what would suit her best.

The first thing to consider is your complexion. You can try putting the lipstick on the wrist to have a view if it works out for your skin color. Fair-skinned people would look lovely in pink and red lipsticks. Yellow-skinned women, like Asians perhaps, would look good in orange tints and warmer colors. Olive-skinned one or those with darker complexions should go for darker pinks.

Also consider the time of the day or where you are heading to. Partying at nightclubs would demand bright red ones but working in corporations during the day would require milder tones. Bright colors are advisable at night while subtler tones are preferable during the day. Also, if you go heavy on the eyes, go light on the lips.

The next step would probably be knowing what kind of lip product you need. Lip gloss gives that extra shine on the lips. It makes the lips look soft, full and kissable. It also gives a younger vibe to the wearer. But women, perhaps beyond the age of 40, should go for glosses that give more understated shine. Also choose glosses that moisturize the lips. Lip balms are perfect for those who are just on the stage of doing experiments with lip colors since lip balms are not that apparent as compared to typical lipsticks. It simply makes the lips look soft and healthy without being too loud on the color. Lip stains stay longer but they make the skin of the lips dryer. Lip gels are lip products applied in between lip stains and lip glosses making the color pigmentation evident and at the same time allowing the lips to shine. However, one must master the art of not making the lips too shiny than needed.

The most sought-after lip product would probably be the lipstick. Lipsticks come in various types that would suit every need. Color stay lipsticks work well on the length of the color’s stay on the lips just like a lip stain but getting rid of the negative part which is drying the lips. Sheer lipsticks contain less color but more balm. They are just like lip balms that have more vibrancy. It is best for women who want lips that are soft and moisturized yet with a little more boost on the color. Shimmery lipsticks give the metallic or glittery shine. They are best recommended for nighttimes than daytimes. Matte lipsticks have colors that have heavy impact or whose pigmentations appear heavy on the lips. The problem with this is that it may look really artificial to it must be topped with a balm or gloss. Lip creams are like lip glosses with lesser shine and more moisture. Lip butters are products not only beautifying the lips but also naturally heal chapped and dry lips.

A girl is never fully dressed without a smile, and your smile would look best with a lipstick.

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