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Closet Culprits

Closet Culprits

Yes, we buy clothes, shoes and accessories to look our best. But sometimes, the pains we suffer are from those things in our closet. Be informed on what and how those closet culprits could give us pain and pose threats to our mood, our day, or even our comfort and overall wellness.

We are all aware that high heels are not good for our feet. Yes, they make the legs look longer and sexier but imagine all the pain it would bring to your feet. But it brings about a lot more than pain. It could cause posture problems, skin irritation, and even toe deformation. Creepy. When you wear high heels, your entire body weight is focused on your forefoot and the rest of the body adjusts to it so it could maintain its balance. This could flatten the lower spine and displace your mid-back and neck. It is very dangerous for the health of our spine. It could also lead to toe and skin problems like bunions, hammer toes, and a lot more. How to deal with it without having to say goodbye to your six-inch heels? Wear it only we you know you would not have to wear it for too long.

Your low-rise skinny jeans could also cause you problems. Very tight jeans could numb your thighs. There is even this disorder called the “tight pants syndrome” which requires the professional services or a neurologist. You could still wear tight jeans though. Just get a larger size.

Wet bathing suits and sweaty gym clothes are also notorious closet culprits. These things could give them infections. As soon as our clothes get wet, it is a must that we change them instantly. We must also opt for cotton underwear to keep our genital area clean and dry. If you feel any itch, burning sensation, or notice a discharge, go to your doctor immediately.

Not only tight jeans but also tight bras cause trouble. Wearing tight bras could cause irritations, fungal infections, and breathing problems. Of course, the best way to avoid this dilemma is to choose bras that fit perfectly.

You should also avoid wearing thongs. Yeast infection is lurking in the dark. So yes, skip the thongs. Choose better underwear.

Anything that is too tight causes problems. Your shapewear which developed from the girdle would cause you a bunch of troubles. Yes, they give us the perfect form under the dress but it could bring about certain troubles like yeast and bladder infections, nerve damages and blood clots. Do not wear anything that is too tight.

While flip-flops prove to be comfortable and are a really good fashion statement under the summer sun, they are a massive failure in terms of providing the proper support to our feet. It gives little to no protection at all for the bottom of our foot.

Many of these things are purchased by many women for the sake of beauty. Yes, we are willing to suffer a little pain to look gorgeous and stunning. However, when these fashion finds pose threats to our health, it is best to avoid them or get rid of them completely.

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