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Coffee Break

Coffee Break

It is just so amazing that many people are able to survive the busy world as long as they could have a cup of coffee by the time they need it. As for some, they can’t even start their day right without having a taste of coffee into their tongue. It is actually the second most traded commodity here on earth in which oil is the first as you may know. It doesn’t actually satisfy ones hunger and is actually not a good replacement for food but it is what most people are searching for as a far better to take at times of low energy level. Despite the fact of the harmful effects of too much coffee in which most people are aware of, coffee is still one of the top among the beverages around the world which most people drink. Believe it or not, you might be addicted to it at some level that you just can’t let a day pass without a cup of coffee.

It may come in different forms; espresso, coffee latè, mocha, cappuccino, Americano, or breve but it is actually coffee prepared in different ways. It is made from the beans acquired from picked and dried coffee berries which are roasted for around 500 degrees Farenheit and wait for the second pop until you have you coffee. You might be confused about espresso but it is actually a way the coffee is prepeared and not the type of bean, roast or blend. The other types a differ as follows;

  • Coffee late: Espresso -> a lot of Milk -> Foam
  • Mocha: Espresso -> chocolate syrup -> Milk-> whipped cream
  • Cappuccino: -> Espresso ->Milk -> a lot of foam
  • Americano: -> Espresso -> water
  • Breve: ->Espresso -> half milk and half cream-> foam

In addition, Americano actually comes from America GIs during the World War II in which they tend to add more water to the espresso to reduce the strong flavor. If you are wondering about the inventor of instant coffee, it is actually George Washington (not the one I know you may be thinking right now), a Belgian living in Guatemala in 1906.

How does coffee boost your energy? It is actually due to caffeine.  Adenosine is a sleeping hormone that attach to a particular type of receptor to make you feel drowsy or sleepy. Caffeine attach to that receptor making adenosine incapable fro attachment, at this case, the pituitary gland sends signals to your adrenal glands to produce adrenaline and caffeine bumps up dopamine levels. These result to increase in energy level or some say “caffeine high” that enables you to continue with your work. The effect of caffeine was first determined when goats that ate coffee berries start to become frisky and dance after eating the coffee berries. This is where people are able to know that coffee can boost your energy to its full blast.

Just keep your coffee-drinking in moderation because too much coffee could be bad for you.  Coffee actually promotes memory retention if you drink for around 2-4 cups a day. You just have to make sure not to let it affect your sleep by drinking it earlier in the day. Enjoy your coffee!

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