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Control Yourself

Control Yourself

If you wonder how people manage to skip dessert, miss the happy hours after work, and effectively control themselves in general, they are more likely supersizing their self-control. Yes, you could, too. Practicing to effectively resist temptations and stick to your diet, exercise, and an overall healthy lifestyle could be as easy as getting rid of the flabs on your tummy. All you need to know is how.

Just so you know, everything is in the mind. The key is to empower it. Meditation would be a great jumpstart. For each time you meditate, you utilize two important parts of the brain which helps you make smart decisions and which makes you well aware if you are actually making the right decision or not. The more you use these systems, the more powerful and effective they become. And as you do this every day, it would be easier for you to pick the right things to do. How could meditate efficiently or simply how to meditate? Sit quietly. Close your eyes. Count your breaths. When you reach ten, start from the beginning once again. If your mind wanders away from the counting, start all over. Do this at least five minutes daily.

Another way would be to become a sceptical dreamer. If you have not really noticed, whenever you are setting a goal, you either become a wishful thinker where you see yourself fitting into your old jeans or a complainer who focus on the hard things you would have to go through to reach your goal. Being either of the two could lead to your failure. But being the best of both worlds would do you great. Be a sceptical dreamer. Imagine being successful at what you do and be aware of the obstacles you would be facing along the way. First, see yourself achieving a goal. Take weight loss for example. See yourself looking great in skinny jeans. Then, see the hindrances. This could include the cake shop nearby or the temptation of riding the elevator instead of climbing the stairs. Once you do, you are ready for the next step.

The next step in having a powerful self-control is to play the if-then game. Devise a backup plan for every step you take in case the original does not work out pretty well or does not work out at all. Write down the temptations you may encounter and also write down what would become of you when you succumb to them. It helps you see why you really should control yourself.

Also, practice to give yourself the proper choices. Once you see a cake, do not ask yourself what flavour would taste best. Rather, tell yourself that your body has long been fed with unhealthy food and it is time for a nutritional upgrade.

As a matter of fact, temptations would be a great practice ground for your willpower. Face your temptations and instead of concentrating on why you are craving for them too much, focus on their negative attributes. That would make them look nothing but empty carbohydrates for you.

Also, be your own supporter, motivator, and best friend. Treat yourself with kindness whenever you fail to control yourself and encourage yourself to never give up and do better next time.


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