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Coping After Giving Birth

Coping After Giving Birth

Giving birth is to a child is not a simple little task. It is a major business. And recovering from the pains and stress of pregnancy and giving birth takes a lot. After giving birth, the next few things on your list would be to start healing and recovering your full strength and wellness, to get to know your newborn child, and to start learning being a mother to your baby.

The past nine months brought major changes to your life most especially to your body. Though it is usually thought that six weeks is all it takes to recover from giving birth, a woman actually needs more. Healing and recovering is a very vital part of your life after giving birth. Here are some ways on how to get back on track.

First, sleep when your baby sleeps. It will help you rejuvenate and recover your spent energy. Do not bother doing chores while the baby is asleep as most mothers would do. They think that when their baby starts getting to sleep, they would have the chance to finish chores. Instead, sleep with your baby because resting your body would help you stay awake longer and more effectively. So when doing your chores, it is best to do it with your baby. Babies are new to everything, so they would love to watch you doing things. They do not think that cooking, doing the laundry and cleaning the house are boring activities. It would even be better if you talk to them while doing your chores. They will love it. The same way, you would be able to finish your chores while keeping an eye on your baby.

It is also the time to get out of the house more often. The sunshine and fresh air would do you good. Moreover, a little walking exercise is always a good idea. It strengthens the body and refreshes the mind. Sounds great, isn’t it? Of course, especially for a mother who have been through so much during the last nine months. Take a moment to breathe.

It is also time to lower your standards about everything. Do not try preparing a gourmet-like meal everyday. Tell your husband to go cooking sometimes. Or whenever you cook, make large amounts and just store them in the fridge for a whole week’s consumption. You can’t take care of everything, can you? Also, do not expect the house to be spic and span.  If you could, hire a cleaning service. If not, just try to keep everything be neat enough. You’ll manage the cleanliness soon. Do not try to get everything accomplished all at once.

Eating right does not begin and end with pregnancy and giving birth. You should maintain eating balanced diets and abstaining from vices like smoking and drinking alcohol most especially if you breastfeed.

Also, watch out for problem signs. Keep an eye on possible infections. Aside from physical problems, you may also develop postpartum depression. Baby blues are normal. But if you feel depressed for more than ten days, there may be something wrong. In case of problems, contact your trusted health care provider.

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