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Coping With Breast Cancer

Coping With Breast Cancer

Having breast cancer, more often than not, is heartbreaking and it pushes the patient into a state of hopelessness and utter depression. What is even more disheartening is the tough treatment the patient has to undergo which would greatly challenge the body, the mind and even the spirit.

Breast cancer is an illness that arises from the presence of malignant cells in the tissue of the breast. Simply being a woman increases the risk of acquiring breast cancer for it is rare in men. Age is also a factor. The older you get, the more you are likely to get this kind of cancer. Also, having someone in your family who has been diagnosed with increases your risk. It can also be hereditary, when abnormal cells are passed on from mother to offspring. Being overweight and having had your pregnancy late in life or not at all also are risk factors. Those who started menstruating younger than 12 and those who experienced menopause later than 55 also have high risk. Lack of exercise and vices such as smoking and drinking alcohol also make women more likely to develop this kind of cancer.

Once diagnosed, it is highly recommended to stay physically active, or if you are not physically active right from the start, then start being one. Once the surgery is done and the wounds are already healed, engage into sports or physical activities like dancing. Try having a massage and doing yoga. Pamper yourself. You deserve to feel better. Direct your energy to stuff making you physically better. It diverts your attention to things other than your disease. It does not only help your body in combating your disease, but also lifts your spirit up.

Coping with breast cancer, as in any other forms of cancer, is not solely on the physical aspect. Let your mind help your body. Stress and depression may arise from discovering that you have cancer. This worsens the situation a lot more than you think. Feeling disheartened and overwhelmed once you receive the news is normal. But it is must to get over the negative emotions. Being depressed increases the chance of not ever recovering and eventually dying if you let it. Seek psychological help if you should. You can take both individual and group psychological support. It helps a lot. Wellness is not merely a state of the body but also of the mind.

Also, connect with the world. Talk about your disease. Write about it. It frees your own self from all the emotional baggage. Start an online journal, have a blog, make a website. Join support groups. Aside from letting out what you keep inside, you would also hear the story of others. You might as well learn from them. Everybody’s experience with having a disease varies, even if it is the same disease. Its impact differs from person to person. But what brings you together is what you have in common. Let that connect you to other people.

Breast cancer may be a tough disease that takes lots of lives everyday. But if you just have the enough strength of will and right support, you will realize that you are stronger than cancer.

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