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Cycling Tips

Cycling Tips

Ladies, here are some useful tips to make your bicycle ride a fun and safe one.

Whether you are a female Lance Armstrong or simply a biking enthusiast or a starter, we highly recommend that you choose a bicycle with a really comfortable and well-fitting seat. Girls, this tip is oh-so important. Your mere seat could make or break your bike ride experience.

We also recommend that you go seek your biking great perhaps. Seek the thrill, the excitement, the experience that will never be equalled. See bike riding as a challenge. Challenge new terrains, push your leg power to the limit, and ride at the speed of light. Help yourself be motivated to always strive to become a happier and better cyclist. But we have one friendly reminder: never put your safety in great peril.

Also, do not wait to feel hungry before you take a bite. Always bring with you a snack you like and eat up even while cycling.

And in biking, unlike with being a writer or other form of whatever it is you do, it is best to be a predictable rider. Avoid sudden turns or changes of speed. This would help not only you but your fellow riders and drivers be safe.

Putting on some rubber gloves when taking a bike ride is also highly suggested. This helps you keep a tight grip on the handlebar and brakes especially when it rains.

You must also try to wiggle your toes from time to time while cycling. This movement keeps blood flowing into your feet. Moreover, it relieves the tension built up because of constant pedalling that could cause fatigue and cramps. Also, this act helps you remain fluid so you could absorb  bumps and crack on the road you are travelling.

Also, do not be disheartened or feel insecure about other people’s achievements and highlights in their cycling journey especially when you see them posted on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. They also got low and unsatisfying days just like you. They just do not post them online. And remember that there is only one person you should aim to beat: yourself.

You must also opt for neon-colored clothes especially when cycling during the night or on rainy days. This keeps you visible on the road. It helps other drivers avoid accidentally hitting you.

You may also want to start munching on beets. This proved to be a superfood especially for endurance trainees. Their high nitrate content helps lower the blood pressure and reduce the oxygen used up by endurance exercises.

When cycling, you must also always remember to protect your skin. Whether you are subjected under the sun’s scorching heat or the cold and damp atmosphere, keep your skin safe and nourished. Putting on lotion all throughout the year greatly helps.

And if you hate how chamois looks, you better not. By the way, a chamois is the built-in cushion in your bike shorts. Just so you know, your chamois protects your inner thighs and bum so that you could last longer on your bike.

Also, be your own fan. Encourage yourself to never give up and always strive for the better.


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