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Dealing With Your Sweet Tooth

Dealing With Your Sweet Tooth

We all love sweets. Who doesn’t? Maybe that old, grumpy guy sitting in that corner who see the world as a bitter and hopeless place and hates everybody. But we are also aware of the various consequences having too much sugar could bring. Sugar is not among the best foods out there, but it surely one of the yummiest. To help ourselves silence our cravings for sweets, here are some helpful tips.

If you want to eat something sweet so bad, go grab a fruit. Instead for heading to refrigerator and popping a soda, go get your kiwi, or apple, or mango, or whatever fruit there is. Sodas and other sugary stuff do not have the right and enough nutrients your body needs. Moreover, they provide you with an instant energy with some dramatic crash afterwards. If you are getting calories from something, it might as well be from something bombarded with vitamins and minerals.

Also, do not be an avid fan of energy drinks. Aside from its caffeine contents, they are also way too rich in sugar. They would provide you with an instant burst of energy but you would to deal with the crash afterwards. The same goes for sports drinks. They may make up for the fluids you lost through sweating, but they are not all that good. Just keep your consumption moderate.

Smoothies are nice, but they are not always healthy. More often than not, they are heavily loaded with sugar. If you are going for a smoothie, just make sure that it is made from real fruits with yogurt or ice. Or better yet, make one on your own. That way, you would have the power to control the amount of sugar you would put it. It is also best to share it with a friend thus consuming less sugar andhaving a good time with your buddy.

If you love having coffees, you might want to cut on you coffee intake just a little. Those cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas are very much loaded with sugar. And they are also rich in calories. If you want your coffee, see to it that you would be adding your sweetener so that you could control the amount. It is even better if you would skip your coffee date or coffee hour or coffee whatever.

Juices are not a good idea if you drink too much. Usually, something called a “fruit drink” is nothing more than calories and sugar. If you want fruits, better grab a real one and eat it than drink a juice. If you eat rather than drink, not only would your tummy be satisfied but you would also be getting lots of fibers. Make it to a maximum of just a glass every day.  If you cannot, add more ice and water to your glass.

Also lie low with your chocolate and milk drinks. It is best to go for low-fat ones with little to no sugar.

It is also a big yes to drink lots and lots of water. They would wash out all the excess sugar in your body. Drinking water is always a good idea. If you want to boost it up a little, drop a wedge of lime or orange into your water.

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