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Defense against Diabetes

Defense against Diabetes

In taking good consideration of women’s health care, one of the many things we strive to help the female population avoid is diabetes. Well, good news! We have a number of simple activities that could help cutting the risk of having this disease that would alter our lives forever.

  • Come on, cinnamon!

A sweet spice that goes by the name of cinnamon may actually help prevent diabetes. According to a research, it could very much help in lowering blood sugar levels since it is rich in polyphenol which helps the insulin to carry on its function efficiently. Add a pinch of cinnamon to your daily breakfast or drink, and it would go a long way. Yay for cinnamon!

  • Girls want the D

No, it is not what you first thought it is. The “D” refers to the sunshine vitamin or Vitamin D. It could play an essential role in keeping diabetes out of our lives. According to a study, being well-supplied with the sunshine vitamin makes people less prone to Type 2 Diabetes. The good news is that the sunshine vitamin is not exclusively taken from the sun, but could also be acquired from dairy products, fatty fish, and supplements.

  • Keep the heart healthy and be diabetes-free

Yes, omega does not only take care of our hearts but also gets rid of diabetes. It helps improve insulin sensitivity. One serving of seafood a week would be a great gift to the heart and your blood sugar level.

  • Take a deep breath and relax

One of the causes not only of diabetes but also of many other health problems is chronic stress. According to experts, when the body feels the presence of stress, it releases hormones that shoot up our blood sugar level. That rush is advantageous for a moment but is dangerous for long terms. Keeping away from stressful situations, taking deep breaths, pampering yourself a little at spas and salons, having body massages, and simply letting calm music soothe you even for just a little while would lower your blood sugar level for sure.

  • Fiber forever

Fiber may not be very favorable in terms of digestion, but it slows down the flow of glucose in the bloodstream. Glucose is sugar, if you have not heard.  So if you are having that sweet tooth moment, go grab fruits instead of chocolates or candies. Also opt for brown rice. Two or more servings could cut the risk by as much as eleven percent.

  • Go on, sleepyhead

According to a research, people having an average of less than six hours of sleep every night have higher risk as compared to those who have lengthy and sound sleeps. Try to be a at dream land for at least seven hours every night.

  • Lift the weight

According to a study, increasing muscle mass by about ten percent cuts the risk of prediabetes by twelve percent. At least three days of physical activities would be a great idea. Two and a half hours a week of running, cycling or swimming is highly suggested. Go for the cardio that burns your gluco(talking about glucose but trying to make it rhyme)!

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