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Do-It-Yourself Checks

Do-It-Yourself Checks

Being concerned and watchful on certain signs that may signal a sickness or disorder could do so much. If you fail at prevention, the next best thing would be early detection and treatment. You do not have to be visiting the hospital for checkups every single day. There are things you could do and observe to check your health. Here they are.

Early in the morning as you wake up and go to the comfort room to pee, check your urine. It can detect a lot more than just pregnancy or a urinary tract infection. So many markers in your urine could help you determine how your body is doing and see signs of health problems like degenerative diseases, lactose intolerance, low antioxidant levels and many more. If there is an accumulation of organic acids, there could possibly be a metabolic inhibition or block meaning you could be vitamin deficient. If something is weird or wrong with your urine, go to the hospital to have yourself checked.

Another thing to always keep in check is your weight.  Sudden and unexplainable weight loss or weight gain could be a sign of an unknown serious medical condition. Do not just shrug off your shoulder about the matter. Sudden weight gain could be due to adrenal disorders, congestive heart failure, renal disease, or pregnancy. Sudden weight loss, on the other hand, could be signifying presence of cancer, autoimmune diseases, chronic diseases, or depression. If you observe a sudden shift in your weight, go consult your trusted health care provider.

Also, keep your dental health in check. Check for any problems with your teeth or better yet consult with your dentist. What many people fail to realize is that your oral health is very vital for your overall health state and problems in your oral health could be leading to more serious problems with your body. Such health problems could include heart ailments, lung illnesses, digestive system troubles, or other disorders in various parts of the body. Moreover, a visit to the dentist could also help them assess if you have or are developing oral cancer.

Checking your skin must be another routine you should start practicing. Even for just once a month, check for new moles or healing of lesions. Also, avoid tanning be it under the sun or in the tanning bed. The only good tan you could get is the one you have when you were born. Subjecting yourself under the rays be it of the sun or the tanning bed poses threats for your skin and your overall health. Skin problems like melanoma could start just from the emergence of a new mole. It is best to do some self assessment and if you spot any change, go to your trusted dermatologist for a full screening.

Checking does not only involve your body but your surroundings. Keep your home in check. To lead a healthy life, it is best to get rid of toxins or irritants that could be very abundant in where you live.

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