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Do You Want a Cup of Tea?

Do You Want a Cup of Tea?

Not only is a cup of tea refreshing, relaxing, and perfect for a rainy afternoon or a peaceful Sunday morning. It is also abundant in various vitamins and minerals that would keep our body healthy and well. No wonder the Mad Hatter together with the March Hare never managed to leave their tea party. Yes, it’s true. There will always come a time when nothing in the world could ever be better than a cup of tea.

One of the many good things tea has to offer is that it strengthens and empowers the body’s immune system which fights against diseases. Drinking tea is discovered to boost the production of T cells which fights foreign bodies that could potentially harm our overall health. This just means that tea could be a powerful asset in combating autoimmune diseases and deal with many other kinds of illnesses.

Drinking at least three cups of tea regularly could also potentially lower the risk of heart disease. Thanks to the many antioxidants contained in a cup of tea. Green tea and black tea are even found to have effects that counter the occurrence of atherosclerosis according to a study. However, this finding is still not officially claimed by the Food and Drugs Administration. Still, it is a promising discovery, isn’t it?

Regular drinking of tea could also potentially reduce tumor size. A compound found in green tea called epigallocatechin gallate could reduce size of tumors when applied. Itcould even potentially make them disappear. Though this claim still is not established, it could be a big step in humankind’s battle against cancer.

Green tea is not only good for the heart but also for the brain. According to a research, regular tea drinkers could function more effectively in terms of cognitive processes as they get older as compared to those who rarely drink tea or those who do not drink tea at all. Drinking tea could reduce the risk of functional disabilities significantly.

Also, green tea may help people deal with high blood pressure. This is most especially true for black tea. Those who drink black tea would have fewer incidences of surges of pressure in the blood. However, drinking black tea is not enough to pull them back into the safety zone. But still, less frequent high blood pressure attacks would be a great thing, right?

If you are not so much of a fan of drinking tea, beginning to incorporate tea drinking into your lifestyle need not to be a tedious task. You do not have to start big time by drinking three cups of tea every morning. Start with baby steps. Drink tea whenever you are reading a book or whenever you feel like you need to relax. You may also start replacing your morning cup of coffee with a steaming cup of tea. Like I said earlier, it does not have to be a drastic change. Maybe start by replacing coffee with tea only on weekends. Then do the routine every other day. The world is yours.

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