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Drink for Longevity

Drink for Longevity

Yes, eating plays a major role in adding years to your life, and so does drinking. Find out which drinks are possibly in the legendary fountain of youth which would make you live much longer (not forever because that is a pretty long time, isn’t it?).

What tops the list would be no other than the world-renowned green tea. Green tea cuts the risk of cancer, heart disease, cavities, and osteoporosis which is a bone condition that is greatly present among aging women. Green tea is rich is many natural antioxidants that protect the cells from cancer-causing substances and they also hinder tumor growth by fighting free radical damages to the body. These antioxidants protect the heart from diseases by relaxing the blood vessels which helps prevent blood clots that could lead to stroke and heart attacks. Green tea also has fluoride which strengthens your pearly white teeth. Moreover, its flavonoids help build up your bones thus preventing osteoporosis and formation of cavities. No wonder green tea came in first, eh?

Not far next is the cousin of green tea. Yes, you got it right. It’s mint tea. Mint tea deals with your abdominal problems. It relieves you from cramps and this means it could be a refuge to run to whenever the not-so-friendly red liquid pays you a visit every month. Mint is a known antispasmodic which relaxes the muscles and combats stiffness and aches. Also, it helps with more efficient digestion by boosting proper food movement in your digestive tract.

And here comes my most favorite drink of all time, milk. Where could you get lots of calcium, and vitamin D (aside from the sun, of course), but from milk? And calcium keeps your overall skeletal system in good shape. And because we are all oh-so familiar with the bone benefits of milk, let us proceed to the next best thing about milk. It satisfies your food cravings. Since it is packed with your main nutrient needs- carbohydrates, protein, and a tiny bit of fat, your body absorbs it slowly and makes your tummy remain full longer. Milk could also be an agent of weight loss since it prohibits the body from storing fat. Thanks again to its calcium content. Calcium makes the body’s cells to burn fats instead of storing them. Way to go, milk!

And as green tea’s cousin comes next, milk’s not-so-distant relative also comes in next to it. Say hello to soy milk. Soy milk contains soluble fiber and soy protein which lowers the bad cholesterol in the body. This makes soy milk a powerful tool against cardiovascular diseases. So if you are choosing to drink soy milk as an alternative to your typical cow’s milk, make sure it is fortified with calcium and vitamins A and D because soy milk does not have much of those. However, some studies show that drinking soy milk increases the risk of breast cancer. If you have it currently or had it or have a family history, better talk with your doctor about it.

Cheers to a long and happy life!

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