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Eating Smarter and Better

Eating Smarter and Better

Happy Hunger Games? Hmm, I don’t think so. Quit all the mindless and unhealthy diet plans. Never let yourself starve when food is readily available. Know how to eat smarter and better, and you have that sexy, fit, and healthy body without having to let your tummy go empty. If you follow these suggestions, we promise you that you would emerge as the glorious victor of this quest and surely the odds would be ever in your favor.

First, eating smarter and losing weight is not about eating less of something and more of another but rather choosing the food you are getting. It is quality over quantity. Eating smarter and better involves picking foods that would give you the nutrients you need, improve your mood, and help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Also, opt for a well-balanced diet. Stop counting the calories because weight loss does not begin and end with calories. Be sure to stuff yourself with enough of every section of the food pyramid. Doing so would give a steady supply of energy you need to get going all throughout the day and it would not make you any fatter. Remember to stop obsessing over calorie counts and focus on the balance of nutrients.

And yes, it is good to eat in-between snacks. Grabbing something to eat when it is not breakfast, lunch, or dinner is a sure-fire way to keep away from the extra pounds. Starving yourself would just make you binge on food later on. Each meal has an average of four hours of interval and you would need something to fuel you up in those four long hours. So yes, go for an in-between snack.

Eating little every meal but often gets the big no. This could make you eat all day long and thus contribute to the addition of more pounds. Eat heavy during major meals and eat a little bit lighter during two in-between snacks. Keep your tummy satisfied, honey.

Also, be sure to keep your refrigerator stocked up with the essentials? You have no idea what those essentials are? Lucky for you because we are here to help. Be sure to have a regular stock of milk. Two glasses of milk after working out could contribute to more muscles and less fat. It is also okay to have a full-fat cheese. Always eating low-fat cheese could make you eat more because it may fail to satisfy so it is okay to treat yourself occasionally. Have Greek yogurt. It is better than regular yogurt because it contains more protein and it is extra creamy. Also have a stock of frozen veggies that you could readily add to your salads.

Be sure to have more of potatoes, too. Potatoes are very abundant in nutrients. They contain vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Potatoes with red or purple skins are even packed with certain antioxidants. Way to go, potato!

And to keep up to smart and better eating, keep away from restaurants and keep track of your weight every week.

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