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Eating to Boost Fertility

Eating to Boost Fertility

As Miss Universe 1994 Sushmita Sen said, “The essence of being a woman is being a mother.”But many women discover the disheartening truth that they have little to no chance at all to bear a child. This may be one of the worst nightmares a woman could face. Before we even have to deal with the heartbreaking news, we should start taking care of fertility. There are quite plenty of ways. Even what you eat has something to do with your fertility.

Many women who have found out that they have little to no chance of bearing a child, of course, do not easily give up hope and seek ways to gain access to certain fertility treatments. As a matter of fact, fertility treatment is not always about highly medical and technological tests, diagnosis and treatments. It could be as simple as what kind of food you eat.

Before moving on the specific types of food and nutrients that could boost your fertility, it is a must to remind you to watch your weight. Eating unhealthy food does not only make you overweight but also contributes to your infertility. Abnormal weight, be it too little or too much, could make your monthly menstrual cycles irregular. That means only occasional ovulation or even no ovulation at all.

If you are not over or under the proper weight, there could possibly be something wrong with your daily diet. Now, you must opt for these kinds of foods and nutrients to be fertile.

Opt for non-meat protein sources. Have much less red meat like beef, pork and even chicken, and have more of veggies, beans and nuts. For every five percent of calorie intake taken from a non-meat source, as much as fifty percent is reduced from your ovulation infertility. Isn’t that a highly significant figure?

Also, high-fat dairy could help you cut the risk of ovulation infertility. However, be careful on consuming too much of those high-fat dairy. Do not use it as an excuse for giving in to your sweet tooth like going for ice cream in the middle of the night. You could take just enough of it like drinking a glass of whole milk every breakfast.

Have enough of the necessary vitamins and minerals in keeping your body healthy. Also, high level of folic acid in the body is found to reduce the risk of ovulation infertility.

Eat more of whole grains to have your much needed supply of Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E and fiber. Go for fruits and veggies for your Vitamin C and more antioxidants. Have lean meats and beans for protein, zinc and iron. Have low-fat dairy for your calcium and protein. If ever you have had yourself get pregnant, have more of oily fishes for your DHA and omega-3 supply. They are good for the baby’s development and prevent premature birth. Also, have your regular intake of your multivitamins with folic acid especially before conception and during the first trimester of your pregnancy to help reduce spinal chord and brain defects in your baby.

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