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Egg Goodness

Egg Goodness

Do eggs make you fat? Or are they a great food to accompany your weight loss efforts? Do they raise your cholesterols levels? Or do they have no say about your cholesterol? Should you only go for the egg white and get rid of the egg yolk? Or should you enjoy every bit of your egg (not with the shell, of course)? Should you eat them raw to acquire its maximum nutritional benefits? Or should you cook them? All the answers are right here.

Maybe you have heard that sixty percent of the calories from eggs are from fats. Yes, it is true. But because of this fact, many people have believed that eating eggs make you fat. Luckily, that is not true. Eating fat does not make a person fat. In fact, eggs are useful in maximizing weight loss, not enforcing it. Its protein-fat combination stimulates the production of satiety hormones which are neural messengers that tell your brain your tummy is already satisfied. The protein content of eggs also stimulate the production of glucagon which is a hormone that promotes the release and utilization of carbohydrates and fat. So if you are undergoing a weight loss project, eggs are your comrade.

Of course, if you want to reduce the cholesterol level in your blood, you probably should avoid eating foods with cholesterol. Eggs have an average of two hundred milligrams per serving. That is why people opt to remove eggs from their meals to avoid the increase of their cholesterol levels. However, dietary cholesterol does not have that much impact in raising cholesterol levels in the body. Only about three out of ten people report significant increase in their cholesterol level after a cholesterol-rich meal. Moreover, eating an egg daily among healthy individuals does not increase their risk of having coronary heart disease. Also, a study proves that eating eggs could possibly increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body with no significant adverse health effects. No, eggs do not raise your cholesterol level. Eggs actually do not affect your cholesterol level.

Many have also believed that we should only eat the egg white and leave out the egg yolk. This is to remove as much cholesterol and fat as we could without having to eliminate the consumption of eggs. It is a movement dedicated to fight heart diseases and obesity. But the truth is that the egg white contains nothing but protein and the rest of the nutrients are contained in the yolk. The yolk contains leucine which is an amino acid good for the muscles, choline which is essential for cell membrane function, and vitamins A, E, and D. Enjoy the entirety of the egg, most especially the yolk, and gets the most out of its health benefits.

Also, eating eggs raw would only give you a couple of health troubles and no nutritional benefit. Raw eggs are found to contain avidin which prohibits the absorption of biotin which is an essential nutrient the body needs. And even though only one of thousands of eggs is contaminated with salmonella, it is still best to be sure and cook it to kill the salmonella.

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