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You wake up, you go to school, you deal with long and boring lectures, you go home, you do your homework and you study, you sleep, and you repeat everything you have done the next day and the coming days. Does it tire you, how every day has become a lifeless routine? Do not worry. You would meet friends, get into some trouble, and be involved in adventures. But what you need right now, and in every day be it the boring routine day or the adventure day, is energy. Be sure you get enough to keep you going.

Before knowing what would energize you, first get to know what drains your energy aside from the many responsibilities at home, at school or at work, and in your relationships, your pending deadlines, dealing with heavy traffic, and bumping into annoying people.

Yes, when we need energy so bad, we tend to reach for sweets like candies for an instant energy boost. But keep in mind that the sugar rush would not be there for too long and it would surely bring you a drastic crash. Instead of going for sugars, opt for healthy energy boosters like a healthy mix of proteins, carbohydrates, and good fats.

Just like with sugary foods, caffeine and energy drinks would give you the rush then give you the drastic crash. So yes, they are a big no-no. Not only would they interfere with your system. They would also hinder your sleep. And little to no sleep would just make you a lot more tired the following day. Yes, they would give the instant energy boost you might need, but beware of the crash that would give you nothing but anxiety, restlessness, and nervousness.

To really power you up, you must get a lot of good sleep. What you truly need is a minimum of eight hours of good and uninterrupted sleep. To achieve this, do the math. First, determine at what time you need to get up. Then from that time, count backwards and figure out what time you need to get to bed to achieve the eight hours. If it is a little difficult for you to hit that hay right away, spare an hour to get yourself ready for bed. Keep away from the screens and help your body relax.

For more energy, you need to break a sweat and get moving. When you are tired, you may think that sitting in front of the TV would reenergize you. Ironic as it may seem, moving actually boosts your energy instead of spending it. Moving boosts the production of feel-good hormones that would get you more active and livelier. You do not have to run miles or do intense workouts to reap the benefits. It could be as simple as taking a walk outside or doing fifteen jumping jacks.

And for your natural and effective energy drink, reach for a glass or glasses of water. A dehydrated body is a weak and inactive one. So fill it up with your water. Being well hydrated makes you more active, alert, and focused. And not only is water free from unwanted calories. It is also really affordable.


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