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Exercise to Match Your Hobby

Exercise to Match Your Hobby

To get committed to being physical active, what a smart and actually fun way it is to do exercises that correspond to your hobby. Isn’t it great and highly motivational to mix in exercise with something you love doing? Not only will this method thrill and inspire you, it would also provide you with the many health benefits of physical activity. So as early as now, I say hooray to exercises crossbred with our hobbies!

If you are an ardent lover of dogs, there is also a really good way to take good care of that good heart of yours and keep it in good shape. How? Walk you awesome loyal best friend. If you do not have one which is oh-so sad, just go visit the lovely pooches of your friendly neighbors. Or better yet, lend a helping hand and offer to walk their dogs or volunteer to walk the dogs at an animal shelter. You could even start a dog-walking business by putting up posters and flyers of you offering to walk people’s dogs for just a little amount of money. If your natural love for dogs is not enough to keep you motivated, think of the benefits walking would give not only you but also the dogs.

If you are a chef at heart, there is still room for physical activity in your food-loving hobby. Of course, chefs need ingredients. Instead of buying them from the market, why not plant them in your backyard? Cultivate your soil and make it productive. Doing garden duties even for just half an hour everyday could be as beneficial as riding a bike or dancing. To stay motivated, just think of the produce you would reap from your tilled soil and imagine the mouth-watering recipes you could come up with. Yum!

If you love music, let the rhythms not only soothe your soul but also get your hands and feet moving. You may start learning to play an instrument. Practice while standing and it burns calories. Also, if you are into fun and upbeat music, jog, run, and dance while listening to your favorite hits. The best way to stay motivated is to discover more music and learn to play them with the instrument of your choice, or put them into your music player and listen to them as you get moving.

For people who love sitting on the couch or in front of the computer and play video games instead of actually playing active sports, you better start playing real sports. It is pretty much the same with playing video games. The difference is that actually playing is more fun and certainly more beneficial. You may even play video games while actually moving through using Wii and choosing games like tennis. And if you love watching TV, you may still do so as you jog in place while watching your favorite series. Infuse your screen time with your exercise time. You may do both simultaneously or do both alternately. To keep track of the time, use a timer or an alarm to alert you when to stop playing video games and when to start playing real games.

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