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Exotic Ice Cream

Exotic Ice Cream

Our society is fast moving nowadays, even ice cream companies and businessmen need to follow-up with the fast paced changes in the taste of the customers. Therefore, they innovate their ice creams to somewhat quirky and unusual ice cream flavours that may gather the attention of one craving soul of an ice cream lover. Some of these flavours just go beyond our imagination, making it really quirky but if one may try, he/she may know how delicious it was. To help you extinguish the heat this summer I introduce to you some of those quirkiest, weirdest and most unusual ice cream flavours found in the whole world.

First of the list is Garlic Ice Cream. We used to think that the garlic that we used to add spice in our favorite Asian dishes were only meant for that, who would think that garlic may be used as an ice cream flavoring. If you’re worried that you would not be able to get a taste of this unique ice cream flavour, worry not anymore, for you just need to extract the juice of the garlic and add some honey to mellow up the stinky smell after that you can mix it with your home-made ice cream dough.

Second is Sardines and Squid-tint Ice cream. It was so unusual to see sea food turned into ice cream. You may not know that many of this seafood ice cream flavors was sold in Japanese ice cream bars and stores. A taste of the sea in your ice cream may take your ice cream licking experience into new levels.

Third was the favorite in Children’s Party, Spaghetti and Cheese Ice Cream. Who would have known that one of the most famous Italian foods has a chance to be an ice cream flavor. Get your forks or I should say spoons for the newest spaghetti experience.

Fourth, Bacon Ice cream. Our favorite breakfast food in a new more cold form. Grab a taste with the newest breakfast ice cream for bacon lovers. You will surely love this meaty ice cream flavor unless you are lactose intolerant or a vegetarian. This ice cream flavor will surely satisfy your bacon loving taste buds as well as your ice cream craving instincts.

Fifth was Octopus Ice Cream. Like the Squid-tint ice cream, you may also like this takoyaki themed ice cream with its proper blend of octopus meat and vanilla flavoring.

Sixth, was Crocodile Ice Cream. Now available in some countries in the East, you will surely love this new kind of ice cream. Just remember to take a careful bite into that “reptiley” kind of ice cream.

Now that you have been introduced to the world’s weirdest ice creams why won’t you try experiment for yourself? Each of us has our own native delicacies which may be turned into an ice cream flavor. Just remember to balance the taste of the ice cream to your tongue or else you may not like the exotic ice cream variety that you have made.


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