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February Films

February Films

As the month of February takes over, the air is once again filled with love and romance. It has been a tradition to celebrate this month with sweetness and tenderness since it is the month of Valentine’s Day. Typically, lovers would go to fine restaurants, concerts or movie theaters to celebrate this special occasion with the person they truly love. In case seeing a movie is on their to-do list, here are the best films to see this love month.

The first on the list is Warm Bodies. It is about a zombie-infested world where a guy zombie falls for the girlfriend of one of his victims. It is a film that presents how powerful true love can be insofar as it can bring an already dead heart back to life. With its teenage romance and epic zombie twist, Warm Bodies will surely be a good film to see.

Another good choice would be the romantic comedy I Give It a Year. Despite a couple’s difference, they have been happy together and the chemistry between them is undeniable. However, the people around them have this feeling that their marriage would not last especially when their exes are being irresistible alternatives. Their first ever anniversary is soon to come but none of them wants to raise the white flag first. Be there to see if they will make it or not.

If you are into a more serious romance, give Twist of Faith a try. A New Yorker who was Jewish and a songwriter witnesses the murder of his wife and three children. Devastated, he leaves everything behind- his religion and his New York life. He reaches Alabama and meets a single mother and lead singer of a gospel choir. As music brings the two together, she helps him bring his life back as they try to make sense of the past and what lies ahead.

But if you prefer fantasy and the supernatural, Beautiful Creatures is something to consider. In the South, the paths of a young man who always wanted to leave town and a mysterious new girl cross. As they engage into their fated romance, they begin to discover dark secrets about their families, their history and their town. This would be really interesting.

Another Nicholas Sparks novel is once again set to be presented on the big screen as Safe Heaven comes out this month. A young and mysterious woman who just arrived in town preferred to remain aloof from the townsfolk. This raises suspicion about who she really is and where she came from. As she slowly opens herself to new possibilities, she develops deep feelings for a widowed store owner who has two children. However, her mysterious past catches up and stirs her life. Not only will it surely move its audience to tears, it will also be a new taste of Nicholas Sparks’ craft as he delves into a darker romance as compared with his previous novels.

As intense romance and confessions of love stir the February air, let movies be a part of your own share of romance whether you spend 2013’s love month with a lover or simply with your awesome self. You deserve a good movie.


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