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Feminist Films

Feminist Films

Feminism, or advocating everything pro-women- their rights, privileges, and equality in terms of politics, economics and every other thing where men and women should be treated fairly, is promoted highly especially among the modern days when women are also given the education, suffrage and political rights in the same level with men. Before, women were not taught science or other kinds of knowledge rather than household chores like cooking and sewing. Also, they were not allowed to participate in politics, even voting was not available to women. As time passes and women proved to be not really a lesser gender than men, filmmaking became a huge part in the feminist advocacy.

There is this 1950s film All About Eve starring Bette Davis. She plays the role of an aging Broadway star whose life was penetrated by one of her fans who later on turns out to be a threat to her career. This is a classic film not only about ambition and treachery but also the fear of old age and falling in the pit of failing career and loss of fame. It features female actresses who would take every necessary means to achieve their ambition and do whatever it takes to be successful even to the point of hurting others.

We also have Julia Roberts as Erin Brokovich in the movie of the same title. Being just an unemployed single parent, she manages her way into battling a multi-billion dollar company in a lawsuit that may save the town from the illegal activities of the company. Not only is this about the strength and bravery of a woman in facing her life’s tough challenges, but also her noble efforts in saving the town. As the movie’s tagline says: She brought a small town to its feet and a huge corporation to its knees.

There is also this 90s film Thelma & Louise. This is about Louise who was a waitress and Thelma whose husband demands him to stay silent in the kitchen while he watches football. One day, these two decided to break free from routine and they hit the road. Unfortunately, Louis accidentally killed the man who attempted to rape Thelma. The two were then hunted down by the American cops. Ridley Scott’s creation even managed to bag an Oscar statuette for Best Original Screenplay.

We also have Chocolat starring French actress Juliette Binoche. This is a story of a single mother who just moved in to a new town locked up in tradition. They open up a chocolate shop a few days before the Holy Week which is frowned upon by the townspeople most especially by the mayor. It is not only about the courage and strength of will of a single mother in a disapproving town, but also how she broke the chains bound by tradition and hypocrisy.

This 2012, Disney-Pixar came up with an animated film that has a tremendous chance of bagging Best Animated Film in the Academy Awards this year. It is no other than Brave. It is the story of the eldest offspring and only daughter of Scottish royalties in the name Merida. Her mother educates her from when she was little but her free-spirited nature made her the kind of princess who is not fond of dresses and acting well at the dinner table but rather a princess who is fond of archery and riding horses. Not only her life but the entire kingdom was faced with serious trouble that will teach her to set things right.

Feminism is well-advocated by the mass media, most especially by movies.

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