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Fighting Metabolic Syndrome

Fighting Metabolic Syndrome

In some ways, we can actually do it. There are actually four basic ways can help you elevate or even get rid of those metabolic problems. Metabolic problems are not only brought by dirty food or foreign materials ingested in our body. it can also be brought as side effect from other illness which can be fought with this basic ways; losing weight, lowering blood pressure, improving cholesterol level, and lowering blood sugar. How? Read on to find out.

  • Lose weight.  A decrease around 5- 10 percent decrease from your weight will already bring that great relief effect to your metabolic syndrome. Heavy weight is often brought by slow metabolism and high amount of food intake. The greater your weight, the more difficult it will be for your body to do its metabolic activities. Actually, lowering your weight is the first basic step that can already jump out other basic ways.  You can start your weight loss goal with an exercise for at least three times a week for 30 minutes a day. You can check first with your doctor for physical fitness to start working out. Afterwards, you can also work on a proper diet that can make you reach your goal faster and efficiently. Diet doesn’t normally involve not eating, it is often finding alternative things to eat in replace of what you commonly eat. It is more on removing foods that are considered unhealthy and replacing it with more nutritious and healthy food that can aid in your metabolism and other body requirements.
  • Lower Blood Pressure. This can be done as earlier said, by losing your weight. However, it doesn’t mean that being thin saves you from having high blood pressure. Stress can also bring that high blood pressure and other heart problems. At this case, reducing stress can also help you lower blood pressure and elevate metabolic problems. High blood pressure not only affects your blood flow but also your metabolism and other systems in your body. Keeping your blood pressure at optimum condition ensures you of healthy and efficient body.
  • Improve cholesterol. Improving cholesterol doesn’t mean you have to increase its level since it can lead to high blood pressure and thus, can trigger metabolic syndrome. Improving cholesterol is to replace bad cholesterol with the good ones. Replace saturated fat with monounsaturated fat. Take food rich in Omega-3 which is considered to be good for improving cholesterol. Avoid foods that are high in omega-6 fatty acids that can be found in processed foods (fast foods).
  • Lower blood sugar. Increasing blood sugar can trigger insulin level and nay end you having type 2 diabetes. Avoiding food high in glycemic index such as refined sugar and flour that can increase blood sugar. If cannot be avoided, at least decrease intake.

That all things said, now you can have means to fight metabolic syndrome. It can not only help you on metabolic problems but also keep you healthy in all aspects. What you have to do is develop the discipline to do things accordingly and you’ll be as good and free from metabolic syndrome.

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