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Finding the Right Bra

Finding the Right Bra

Fashion is getting dressed is taken with high regard especially by women. But what matters is not just
what people see you wear. You must also take into full notice the pieces of clothing that touches your
body firsthand. The wrong bra can cause you unease and even back problems and muscle tension
whereas the right one can make your day beautiful and full of confidence.

Wearing a bra minimizes the bouncing of the breasts when the wearer is moving and it also helps shape
the appearance of the breasts. It also supports the breasts when doing physical activities like sports
and it helps prevent injuries on the breast tissue. It also contributes in making the woman have a good
posture especially when she has large breasts. These are some of the benefits of wearing a bra, only if
you are able to choose the one that fits perfectly.

Finding the right size actually is really easy if you know the sizing method. A typical bra size is composed
of a number and a letter. The number is the chest or band size. It is the measurement that runs around
your torso under your breasts. The letter is the cup size. The cups are the ones that hold the breast
itself. To measure your band size, face a mirror to make sure the horizontal line you are making around
your body is straight. It should enfold you comfortably and securely, and not too firmly that it digs in
and not too loose that it sags. Round the result up to the nearest inch if ever it is not a whole number.
Add four if it is even and add five if otherwise. To measure the cup, again wrap the tape around your
body but this time over the fullest part of the breasts. Again, remember to make sure that the horizontal
line you are making is straight. Once you get the result, round it off to the nearest inch. Take note that
rounding up means getting the next higher whole number while rounding off means you either round up
or down depending on the decimal value. Subtract the first value, the one where you measured under
the breasts, from the second one, where you measured over the breasts. If the difference ranges from
zero to 0.5, then your cup size is AA. If it ranges from 0.5 to one, it is A. It is a B cup if the result is two. If
it is three, then it is a C cup. It is D if 4 and so on. Since women’s body form changes often, you may try
getting your measurement at least twice a month.

Once you already know your size, the next step is to try on some bras. There are different kinds of bras
for every specific need. You could avail some t-shirt bras that have no lace or seams that show through
the shirt. If you are physically active, having sports bra is a must. It offers great support and prevents
tissue injuries and sagging brought about by bouncing. There are also push up bras and strapless ones to
compliment the dress you are wearing.

Finding the right bra can make you look a lot better than you suspect to be.

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