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Fish is Healthy

Fish is Healthy

Eating fish is not fishy in fact it’s yummy and healthy. Fishes have so many health benefits, some may have not yet been discovered, and some have been widely known by medical and nutritional experts around the world. Fish is a nutritious food. It can help you prevent a lot if diseases ranging from cancer to Iron Deficiency or anaemia.  As long as you eat fish in a regular basis, you may be able to free yourself from various diseases may it be critical to health or easy to be managed. Eating fish can prevent you from acquiring diseases which are critical to your health.

It promotes brain health. Eating fish is helpful in achieving overall brain health. The Omega-3 fatty acids may contribute to the shortage of symptoms and effects of psychiatric illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. Omega-3 fatty acids also have anti-inflammatory effects which plays a role in depression, an inflammation in the brain. Some studies also suggest that fish oil may help in treating bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. It also promotes high brain function among the elderly and lower chances of memory loss. Also Omega-3 fatty acids helps in early acquisition of learning which is helpful among children as they need to acquire and interpret information faster.

It is Heart Healthy. Unlike pork and beef, fishes are safer and healthier to eat than the other two.  Fish has lower saturated fats than Pork, Beef and Chicken. Fish eating is heart friendly because of the popular Omega-3 fatty acids which are also essential for the heart.  Also fish contains unsaturated fats which may be helpful in lowering your cholesterol levels. But above all else, particular fishes have Omega-3 fatty acids which has anti-inflammatory effects that reduces the risk of heart attack and cardiac arrest. Also the omega-3 fatty acids are helpful in lowering blood pressure.

It reduces the risk Cancer. According to some researches woman who have actually eat fish regularly are less likely to have polyps, and other malignant tumors in the colon which means that it can prevent the risks of getting cancer. Also the Omega-3 fatty acids in fish was proven to be effective against colon cancer.

It makes the skin and hair healthy. Fish oils have been popularly known as a brain food but some never noticed that it is also good for the skin. Fish oil can be used as a treatment for skin condition and strengthens hair as well. Including fish oil supplements into your diet may help you reduce acne-related skin problems. It reduces the loss of moisture in the skin which helps in protecting the skin. Fish oil can also reduce the inflammation of the acne. Fish oil is also effective in curing eczema because it will help your skin in gaining moisture and hydrating spots of inflammation. The protein found in fish oils is effective in strengthening the hair.

Knowing that there are numerous benefits that eating fish can give you, won’t you start eating fish now. The time to include fish in your diet is now for you may not know the wonders that eating fish can give you.


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