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Fitness Etiquette

Fitness Etiquette

Have you ever caught yourself in awkward and annoying situations at the gym, in a fitness class, or maybe while jogging outside? Worse, do you know how to respond well? Girl, worry no more. We are here to give you tips that would come in handy whenever you encounter not-so-nice scenarios once again.

You may have this friend who keeps boasting about her recent weight loss success. Yes, it is so irritating. What should you do? She may be doing this because she feels some kind of insecurity and you are nice enough to realize that. But having to listen to her repeatedly is so annoying. Well, to shut her up, change the course of the conversation. Inject a new topic. Ask her how her day has been or how it is at work. That should do the trick. But if she keeps coming back to her weight loss topic, be honest with her and tell her that you would love to talk about something else.

Now, what if what’s awkward is about you? What would you do if your stomach is kind of not at its best today and you are currently stinking up the entire gym? Awkward. To avoid this, do not eat heavy meals two to three hours before working out. This is because exercise, most especially cardio routines, stimulates your gastrointestinal tract. Opt for a low-fat snack that is rich in fiberabout an hour before working out. If you cannot help but seek the refuge of the comfort room, bring with you a spray and use it after doing your stuff at the toilet. It would keep the bad odor from leaving the scene.

Another awkward moment is having to pick a wedgie. Admit it. It happens.  You could move to the back of the class or near the wall to make your quick adjustment. To avoid such really awkward moments, eliminate the cotton panties and opt for those made out of nylon and a stretchy fabric like spandex.

Now, if you have this workout buddy who just loves to talk so much while working out and you could not shut her up, what should you do? Tell her right away. Do not wait for a break time or dismissal. Just tell her that you really want to focus on your exercise and maybe you could go grab a coffee after training and have a little chitchat.

There are trainers who like to flirt around. What should you do about this? First, be sure that he really is flirting and not just being nice to you. The first step would be giving him a hint. Tell him that you would be getting the most out of your workout sessions if you focus on the exercise instead of talking. If he still insists on flirting, be direct to the point. Tell him that he is really making you uncomfortable. If none of those work, it’s hopeless. Approach the gym manager and request for a new trainer.

Yes, there are situations we could not fully control especially if it involves another person. The best we could do is do our part nicely and smartly and let the rest come to place.

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