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Fitness on Ice

Fitness on Ice

Snow. Though it may seem beautiful, one thing that makes it difficult id to make your body sweat. With that thought, you are having a hard time convincing yourself to go out and be active. Winter weather can deter even the most dedicated exercisers.  While making yourself bum and relax at home may be promising but it is not good for your fitness lifestyle. You really have to keep burning up some calories if you really want to be fit. Just because the temperature outside has dropped doesn’t mean you have to drop your outdoor exercise regimen. There are some simple ways to burn calories outdoors even while the weather is frightful. To be successful, you’ll want to make outdoor exercise as easy and fun as possible. This article is here to help you with fitness exercises you can do while winter is in your way.

First thing: Watch out for the weather.

Check the latest update of the weather before you start going outside for a light jog or before playing outside. With that, you come to prepare the right attire for the weather. You can actually end up wearing layers of clothing which you can remove as your body feels warm or put on again once you feel cold. Always keep yourself protected especially your feet, hands, head and ears protected as winter is very prone to accidents and other illness. Wear shoes that won’t make you slip along as you run. At the same time, keep yourself hydrated. You may feel less thirsty due to cold weather but you eventually lose water due to perspiration so it’s better to keep water supply at bay to avoid fluid loss.

Prolong Your Warm-Up Exercises

When the weather turns cold, your body gets cold easily. You will need more time to warm up your tight muscles and get the blood flowing to prevent injuries. You can even do your warm-up exercises indoors and then head outside for the remainder of your workout.

What to do?

There are a lot of fitness exercises you can actually do on winter.  Aside from running, biking, and hiking, you can do common tasks like shoveling which will really give you a great sweaty workout. However, do not over exercise in shoveling since it is really a strenuous activity that can lead to cardiac arrest. If you have friends, children or other relative, you can go out and play different games such as snowboarding and skiing. A simple snowball fight, sledding, or making snowman is already a good fitness activity during winter rather than being bum at home. If you have a good area for ice skating, that would be really fun and healthy. It is actually a sport in which more and more aspire to compete. From ice skating, you can also go with friends and play ice hockey which is also a fun and healthy fitness exercise.

Safety first

Still, if it is not safe, better do exercise at home. There are a lot of exercise you can do if you really can’t risk yourself going outside. You can do aero-dancing, yoga, Pilates, or other exercise that can be done indoor. Simple tasks such as cleaning the house can also make you sweat and contribute to your goal on losing calories and keeping up the healthy and fit lifestyle.

So you have no excuse on keeping yourself fit, no matter what season it may be.

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