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Fitness Through Aerobics

Fitness Through Aerobics

Women are said to be more inclined to dancing than men. Dancing in its sense is already a form of exercise as your body moves along the groove of the music. What makes aerobics or most commonly called aerobic dancing is a form of exercise that are performed or done under the beat of the music. Unlike to other sports such as basketball, running, swimming, aerobic not only improves the strength of your muscles but it also develops your rhythm as you get your movements along with the songs.  Though it can actually be done alone without music, most people adapt aerobic dancing (along with music) to make it fun and untiring to do. Formal aerobics classes are divided into different levels of intensity and complexity. Aerobics classes may allow participants to select their level of participation according to their fitness level. Many gyms offer a variety of aerobic classes. Each class is designed for a certain level of experience and taught by a certified instructor with a specialty area related to their particular class.

Though more women adapt this type of workout or sport, there are also men who are actually to aerobic dancing; some are actually the one teaching it. A fitness test may help you determine the right level of aerobic training load for you. It is normally done in a crowd of people where you follow a leader that leads you to what step or exercise to do as the music plays along. If you want to try this exercise, you can just go to a gym nearest you and check out for some schedule where you can attend aerobic classes. With the right guide, good music and perhaps a good friend to join you, it is definitely a worthwhile experience in the fitness world. There is actually no reason to be shy or afraid to go to an aerobic class as everyone who wants to dance and be fit could actually go there.

And as a basic rule, before you start any program, better check with your doctor if you are fit and to what level of fitness. In that way, you’ll avoid injury or collapsing on your first day of workout. If you are still afraid to enter a gym, you can actually check out the internet for some videos on aerobic exercises with the music. Just be guided properly on the level of workout they are doing and make sure it much up to your current fitness level. Perhaps after some training at home, you can now confidently go to a gym and do some workouts with your friends and start having fun.

If you really are into the sport, you can go for aerobic gymnastics also known as sport aerobics and competitive aerobics, is a type of competitive aerobics involving complicated choreography, rhythmic and acrobatic gymnastics with elements of aerobics. Performance is divided into categories by age, sex and groups (individual, mixed pairs and trios). The criteria are based on the following elements: dynamic and static strength, jumps and leaps, kicks, balance and flexibility. With the proper training, dedication, passion, determination and discipline anyone can go far high levels with whatever sport they chose to.

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