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Fitness Through Running

Fitness Through Running

You really don’t have to be an athlete to be able to start a life of fitness. I started running for a PE subject at school because I just thought it would be easier since everyone knows how to run as compared to other sports. And that is what it is. You just have the desire to be fit and start running. As for me, I just enter the world of running as a subject but as time goes on, I started to love it and had become one of the greatest things I look forward to do.

This is actually the cheapest and most basic sport you can get yourself in to start your fitness life. All you basically need is a pair of running shoes and a road and you’ll be ready to go. Almost all sports that I can think of welcome running as a basic tool to be efficient in their particular field. Running’s benefits include improved cardiovascular hearth, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, a revved-up metabolism, and a sense of self-esteem. There is more than physical health because running allows you to develop your mental skills and can relieve you from stress. You think of it tiring and perhaps punishing at the start, but as you get better and stronger, you’ll see that running is really fun.

It is cheap and it can be done alone or with a friend or group of friends which ever you like. You can set it any time of the day which can either be morning or evening or anytime you want since you don’t really need a gym for it. All you have to do is go outside and explore. Traveling through running will enable you to appreciate your environment more and clear your mind due to stress brought by worries or work or any problems you can think of. It is like a time of the day where you can meditate while at the same time keeping up your physical body fit.

Now before you get out there, be sure you are fully geared to avoid possible injuries or accident as you workout. Since you only need your running shoes to start, better have a good one. Your shoes should depend on the type of footage you have (either neutral, under pronator or over pronator). You can consult the store where you are to buy about it to be able to have the shoes that will suit you best. It is not really on the brand of shoes because running shoes is only efficient for a total of 500 miles run. They may actually look good but the ability of the shoes to absorb shock is already gone making you prone to injuries if you continue to use it. It would be better to have two alternating shoes if you opt to run more than thrice a week to avoid your shoes to be worn out fast or risk yourself from possible injuries.

Consulting a doctor is also important before you enter any fitness activity. This is to ensure that you are healthy and capable to start any fitness activity. Doctors can also suggest you a workout to follow to avoid too much exercise that is not good for beginners. From there, you can see yourself develop step by step. And who knows, you may be one of those who can finish a full marathon in the near future.

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