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Fitness Through Swimming

Fitness Through Swimming

If you want to strengthen your lungs, swimming would be the best fitness exercise for you. Swimming is actually among the top recreational activities most people enjoy doing in public. Swimming is primarily a cardiovascular/aerobic exercise due to the long exercise time, requiring a constant oxygen supply to the muscles, except for short sprints where the muscles work anaerobically. It depends on the person’s buoyancy (natural tendency to float), right coordination of feet and arms, and proper breathing. Hydrodynamics is the major concept to improve one’s swimming skills to be able to swim faster, get tired longer, and hold breath longer.

As with most aerobic exercise, swimming is believed to reduce the harmful effects of stress. Swimming reduces stress of weight to your limbs unlike other exercises that are done in land. Water reduces the pull of gravity to your body reducing stress and risks for injuries. The time when I was able to learn swimming was when I got a knee injury because of running. I end up doing water therapy through swimming. I was not allowed to stress my knees too much but I don’t want to stop in my fitness lifestyle so swimming has been a very great help. Despite any load of training you did under water, you can easily get yourself relieved from fatigue as you get yourself out of water.

Swimming can also improve posture especially for women who are at high risk of slouching. Have you ever seen elite swimmers? They really look fit especially men. Swimming can help broaden your shoulder and strengthen your arms.  The fact that you have to wear a swim wear is already a motivation to keep your body in good shape.

Though some do not know how to swim, this has been considered one important skill to learn for survival not only for fitness. If you are often out there travelling, swimming will come at hand whenever you may need it. At the same time, swimming increase your resistance against flu, sever cold, and other illness as your body get used to the cool effect of water.

Interested? Well, one thing is for sure, you need a lot of water to be able to do this fitness exercise.  If you leave in a bay or any place near a huge body of water, you can start learning there with someone who can properly teach you. If not, you may seek for resorts that normally offer swimming classes and start learning. Learning how to swim is not a one-day learning session that you can easily learn. It requires frequent training for our body to get used to it since we are not cold-blooded animals like fishes.

Swimming is not only about physical fitness. Water has the natural ability to relax your mind that is passed on through your whole body. Swimming is doesn’t really have to make you do different strokes every time you plunge into the water. Sometimes, floating or just standing in the depths of water is just enough exercise to keep your mind healthy. From there, everything else will start to follow accordingly.

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