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Fitness through Tennis

Fitness through Tennis

Lawn tennis, once the “Sport of Kings,” has evolved into an affordable game, thanks to efforts by the International Tennis Federation, Tennis Industry Association and U.S. Tennis Association to make the sport more accessible to the masses. You can start playing the game with a pair of sneakers, a racket and some balls, outfitting yourself more extensively as you get more interested in the sport. It would be better if you can find yourself a tennis court where you can get to play and enjoy the sport better as you get along.

Right now, tennis has become very accessible to all who wanted to play. Those who are non-professional like me may opt to try this sport as a fitness activity as it can develop the body in many aspects. Just make sure to visit your doctor first for some treatment to determine if you are  fit enough to get into tennis or perhaps suggest you with the right load of exercise to prepare your body to for playing tennis.

Tennis is a fast-paced sport that requires a combination of many different aspects of fitness, making it a great all-round workout. The average player will cover between 3 and 5 miles during a match and burn up to 600 calories per hour. Tennis players perform the same few movements over and over again, which helps tone the thighs, bum, stomach and arms. Though it is not purely playing tennis that has to be accounted for achieving an overall workout but it also includes drills, exercises and stretches that are also done along with the sport that can make your body fit and can we just say “fabulous”.

Cardiovascular fitness is one of the benefits tennis can give you. The continuous movements exercise your heart and improve blood flow keeping your cardiovascular system free of risk of diseases. Anaerobic fitness is also a benefit that tennis could give you. Tennis also develops the ability to work at high intensity for short periods, known as anaerobic capacity. The average rally lasts around five to seven seconds and consists of lots of short, sharp movements, with up to 25 seconds of rest between each. It really depends on how you do your workouts to make it efficient for your own fitness.

Tennis also builds up core muscles (which is the back and the abs). it is also good for toning up muscles in different parts of the body such as the arms, legs, and abdomen. If you are really looking for an exercise to remove those fats in your belly, tennis will be a good sport for you. The racket is significantly heavy than those in badminton which makes it efficient as you tone down muscles in your upper body.

The key to make tennis work for you is to be properly guided on what you should do to develop the area you want to focus into. This is actually the same with other sports. If you really want to get fit playing tennis, go and look for a coach who can train you for it and who knows, you might not only be fit enough to play but also good enough to compete.

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