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Fitness Through Triathlon

Fitness Through Triathlon

Triathlon is a sport that comes in a combination of three other sports namely distance running, bicycling and swimming. Tough isn’t it? However, with the right discipline, training and determination, you can do it. I consider this as one extreme sport because it is not really easy to be good at three events, but being able to fulfill and accomplish a triathlon even is really an achievement everyone can look forward to and perhaps brag about.

The event can be in any order but normally it is arranged as swim, followed by biking and the lastly would end in a run. The distance is what determines the toughness of a particular triathlon. . I wasn’t able to join triathlon for I am not a good swimmer, it was just later in my college years that I actually tried swimming but not well-trained enough to join a triathlon event. I was able to try duathlon (run-bike-run) event and what I was able to realize that it was really tough but challenging at the same time.

Swimming is an amazing exercise that despite having swimming for a long time and thinking you’re tired, once you get out of the water, the stress or tiredness is gone easily. With that, you still have the energy to start biking or running in a triathlon. What I find hard is to run after biking a long distance. I felt my feet getting heavy and my legs hard to spread. Since biking makes your legs move in cycles, it can inhibit your legs to spread in running since it was used on moving in small circles. You may actually notice the posture of elite tri-athletes while running. Their strides are normally smaller than those elite runners brought about by biking.

502Interested? Well, you’ll basically need three things: a swim wear, a bike and a pair of running shoes. Majority of tri-athletes are men but there are also women who have proven their strength and endurance for triathlon. Categories are normally separate among male and female while some organizers also consider age categories with more prizes at stake. It is not really about the winning but the fact that you are able to accomplish a triathlon. Most beginners that become dedicated to the sports start with a doubt of not being able to do it but eventually are able to succeed. It is the power of your will to accomplish the task at hand that is the major requirement to finish a triathlon.

A fitness test would be necessary if you really like to excel on this sport. Identifying the key points you need to focus on and develop will be an advantage. Consult also a doctor especially for beginners who are just about to start doing the fitness program for triathlon. Doctors will check if you are fit enough to start a workout and suggest you with the load you should take as a start to avoid injury. With triathlon, there is no doubt that you are really into fitness. It may be tough but keep in mind that as others have done it, so can you.

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