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Fitness through Volleyball

Fitness through Volleyball

What you’ll really need is the ball and an opponent to start playing volleyball. Though it is really a team event, you can go out there and simply have fun with just your friend. Officially, you really need the right post and net and a team made of outmost six members to be able to play the game. But if it is just a game of friends, you can actually make your own rules. You can play it in an official court if there is just around the neighborhood or perhaps just play along the park or on the beach as beach volleyball is becoming very popular nowadays. Well, volleyball is not really just about having fun as this sport can give you far more benefits that you may be actually unaware of.

Volleyball is a high-energy game that provides an effective aerobic workout, volleyball strengthens your heart and lungs while burning excess fat from your body. In addition to the normal benefits of aerobic exercise, volleyball utilizes a combination of your upper and lower body muscles to perform certain skills, giving you a full-body workout. Volleyball is very efficient in burning up those calories. An actual intense game can already make you burn around 300 calories for just an hour if you weigh around 160 pounds. The amount of fat burned merely depends on the intensity of the game you’re playing. The more players, the less intense the game would be because more people can get along aiming to hit the ball as it reaches their court. The fewer the players, you are more to exert effort and thus, making you burn more calories.

Muscle development is one of the benefits of volleyball. You get to do some running, and squats to make you hit the ball with your forearms; known as the forearm pass. This will help you develop muscles in your lower body which includes hips and legs. Setting and spiking develops your upper body muscles such as your arms, shoulder, abdomen and other parts giving your body a full muscle workout.

You get to d a lot of moves such as running, blocking, squatting, sliding, and hitting which actually develops your endurance. Like all other sports, playing volleyball regularly will develop your stamina and endurance to make you less tired in doing physical activities.

Volleyball also helps develop your alertness and reflexes. During a fast-paced volleyball match, players consistently predict where the opposition will hit the ball next. As soon as you see an opponent set up to strike the ball, your mind races through your possible responses to effectively return a shot. This sequence improves your instinctive reflexes, as well as your hand-eye coordination, helping you incorporate body movements more quickly.

Volleyball is a team sports that can develop your socializing skills not only with your teammates but also with your opponents. You cannot actually enjoy playing volleyball alone so you’ll get along with someone of the same interests and start making friends. There is really a lot of fun as you get yourself in to the sport. It benefits the body physically and mentally which is normally the requirement towards overall fitness.

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