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Fitness Tips You Should Not Miss

Fitness Tips You Should Not Miss

There are many not-so-pretty things you would encounter on your journey to fitness, and most of them you would only learn on the spot. Avoid the awkward situations by learning the lessons most people learn the hard way. You are one lucky fitness girl, you.

To keep those toenails looking good and literally intact as you go for a hike, opt for hiking boots that are one size larger. When you go downhill, your toes would surely collide with the front part of your hiking boots which could go so far as make you lose a toenail. You would need those pretty little nails when you wear your flip flops, sandals, and peep-toes, wouldn’t you?

And to not lose your guy in an instant, let him help your lift weights rather than compete with him. The male ego is just oh-so high. Once you start beating him, then you start losing him. If you want your guy by your side, let him win the weights.

When you are running with your skirt, be sure to wear shorts underneath. You never know when your skirt would let you down. Keep your you-know-what safely covered.

Also, be sure to check your gym bag thoroughly before heading to your workout class. See to it that everything you would need is right in the bag. You would not want some unwanted adrenaline rush as you try to improvise for what is not there.

When you go to the gym, wear clothes that are comfortable and are suited for your workout routines. Do not wear something because it looks pretty. Stop trying to impress your trainers or fellow gym goers. You would not want obvious pit stains, would you?

Accept your limits. Do not go head-on with nature. If you want to go biking up a mountain during a heavy snowfall, you better think twice. We are only human. We never have to prove anything. All we need to do is do our best and see how far we could get without having to put ourselves in danger.

Always keep in mind to always prioritize safety. Do not be overconfident with your capabilities. Work with gym equipments properly.

Always be prepared and know what you are getting yourself into. Bring all the needed equipments and paraphernalia. This may sound trivial and boring until you are already in the middle of something and you have nothing.

And when you have new gears or equipments, better test them first before putting them into action even if that new something is a sports bra. You never know how much awkwardness and trouble it would cause you until it already does.

And never ever go to a workout wearing white. It is best to sweat in black than in white. After even just ten minutes into intense workout, your white clothing would soo turn into an almost transparent one. Yikes!

And keep away from booze if you want to go for a swim, or never go for a swim after drinking booze.

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