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Fix It or Break It?

Fix It or Break It?

Getting into and being in a relationship takes a lot of effort and dedication. While some people’s hard work and loyalty pay off, there are times when a relationship just meets its end. But how do you knew when to try fixing it and when to really end everything? Check out for these signs that could hint you to let him go and move on.

If you have more reasons to leave than to stay, then you must consider ending the relationship. Acknowledge the good and bad stuff regarding your relationship objectively and try to weight them. Assessing all those points objectively is a good way to open your eyes on the real state of your current relationship. If most signs lead to breaking up, then maybe you really should end it.

You must also consider breaking up when you feel at ease when your man is not around. When you just started the relationship, both of you are always eager to see each other and two days of not meeting up feels like years. It is natural to come to a point to stop missing him and enjoy your time on your own. But if your want for your “me” time has been extra extended and the thought of being with your boyfriend gives you chills, maybe you should consider breaking up.

When sex feels more like a duty than something you two enjoy, maybe the spark is already gone. If you have stopped looking forward to doing “it” with you man and you have ceased to feel motivated to heat things up, it could be time to split up.

If your guy’s once cute behavior suddenly chokes or tires you, maybe you should bid him goodbye. Maybe this guy always texting you and asking you who you are with seems cute and sweet, but when he starts overdoing things, it could be really annoying and sickening. And if he really does overdo eat, chances are he is not a keeper so get rid of him.

If you start picking out your guy’s flaws, chances are you are already out of love for him and should say goodbye. When you love someone, you respect and embrace everything about him including the things that appear to be unpleasant or displeasing. When you try to change your man, or when he tries to change you, it means that the love you have or the love he has for you is not true. You can and must not try to change other people. Everybody you could change is only yourself.

When long and awkward silence begins to ensue when both of you are together, chances are the romantic strings are already broken. Being able to talk and share your thoughts with your man is a vital part of your relationship. While getting to this stage in a relationship could be normal, prolonged situations of awkward and long silences could point out to a more serious issue. But keep in mind that as long as you two are comfortable with each other, even in silence, it means that love is present.

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