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It is said to be a new wonder food which can help lower risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer. If you haven’t seen this, better start checking it out because it is becoming widely used in crackers, muffins, frozen waffles and oatmeal as a healthy additive. It owes its great reputation due to three major components: Omega-3 fatty acids (known as the good fat), fiber (important for body cleansing) and lignans (have plant estrogen and antioxidants for cell maintenance). The three major components works together to prevent illness said earlier as well as inflammation and hot flashes. It is a must have in your healthy diet due to benefits it could possibly give you.

In terms of using the flaxseed, you can buy it ground as a meal (they are actually the same as ground) or whole. In case of shelf life, whole flaxseed can last longer than those which are ground. However, it is always better to take ground flaxseed for proper and more efficient digestion. Flaxseed can be eaten whole but have a tendency of being undigested and will just be released as waste. Still you can still buy it whole and grind it yourself to make sure you use 100% flaxseed. You can either buy gold or brown flaxseed. Brown flaxseed are more available in the market while golden are good in the eyes. Either way, the nutrients doesn’t have any significant difference. Just always check the label about the content you are buying. An efficient flaxseed meal comprises of 100% flaxseed. If you see other ingredients, you better check out if it is a healthy additive. Storing it will be best in a freezer. This will prevent oxidation of within its components that can lead to loss of nutrients.

You can add ground flaxseed to your daily meal, soup, sauces or yogurt. I also found out that it can also be added in drinks such as fruit juices since it really doesn’t contribute a distinct taste. You can simply add 2-4 tablespoon of flaxseed and you’re sure to get used to this in your diet. It can also be added in baking as replacement to wheat flour which is actually high in glycemic index that can be risky for those who are diabetic. If the amount of flour is around 2 cups, you can simply replace ½ or ¼ cup with flaxseed and you now have healthy baked goodies made for you and your family.

Despite the benefits flaxseeds are known to provide, doctors still prohibit pregnant of including flaxseed in their regular diet until the study is fully verified. The study showed that taking flaxseed can reduce the risk of the infant from breast cancer but another study showed the otherwise. Better check it with your doctor for advice. So far, no allergies have been accounted from taking flaxseed but if any unusual reaction within your body may occur, report it at once to for proper analysis and medication.

Here is a new wonder food that can actually be added in different meal which is natural and organic. You can enjoy it as itself or add it to whatever food or drink you might think of. You can check it in the internet to find out the nearest store that offers flaxseeds and start enjoying the benefits flaxseeds can give you.


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