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Flicks for Chicks

Flicks for Chicks

We have come up with flicks every chick ought to see. Chick flicks is a colloquial term for movies made especially to please the female audience. They are usually stories about love and romance. Though most chick flicks are really clichéd and forgettable, there are also films that have defined culture and brought newer and broader perspectives not just on love and romance but also on being a woman.

The first on the list came out more than five decades ago, and it still is remembered and treasured up to this day. In the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, acclaimed actress Audrey Hepburn plays the role of a young and classy New York socialite Holly Golightly who began having affection for the young man who just moved in to her apartment building. It is a romantic comedy that became a true classic as time wrought its beauty that never failed to charm decades after it was first seen on the big screen. Not only did the film remain in the hearts of the people but also Miss Hepburn herself in one of her most iconic characters as Holly.

The next on the list is probably one of the most quoted chick flicks in the modern society. Mean Girls
presents the story of a simple teenage girl who has been home-schooled all her life and who, first the
first time, will go to a typical American high school. This is where she gets acquainted with some kind of
hierarchy in the campus and meets the ultimate queen bee Regina George. This is a funny depiction of
what actually happens in the reality of every high school girl. It isn’t a profound movie overall but it has
a certain impact especially on those who are yearning to be popular and who often talk behind people’s

Easy A is a fairly new picture recollecting the classic novel Scarlet Letter. Olive is your usual and
unnoticeable high school teen who gained tremendous popularity among the entire high school student
body for being hailed as the campus slut just because of one lie overheard at the comfort room. It is not
only about the infection of false rumors and tons of prejudice, but also how being a virgin is and must be
none of other people’s business.

Speaking of classic re-imaginations, we also have 10 Things I Hate About You on the list. In this romantic
comedy adapted from Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, a high school tenth-grader will only be
allowed to go on a date if and only if her elder sister gets a boyfriend. Though her sister is beautiful
and intelligent, she is a certified man-hater. The transferee who liked the younger one so much came
up with a plan of getting close to her and at the same time have someone date her elder sister. This
movie does not only show young romance but also showcases the young and talented Heath Ledger and
Joseph Gordon-Levitt who turned out to be big stars of today.

There are times when all a girl needs is a movie.

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