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Food Diary

You may think that having this is just a waste of time but maintaining a food diary can make your diet more efficient in relation to what your diet goal is aiming for. According to some dieticians, keeping a food diary can actually double your weight loss if those who really want to lose weight. If you don’t actually have a goal for your diet, it would be essential for you to have this diary to be able to trace eating problems, disorders and can help you explain your mood or attitude through monitoring what you eat.  We are very food dependent such that we can say that our actions and reactions can be explained by what we actually eat or sort of affecting in some ways. Having a food diary will enable you to understand yourself more and perhaps be able to improve your eating habits to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

It will always start with your reason or intent of creating a food diary. It can be to lose weight, remove problematic eating patterns or just simply make sure you have a healthy diet. This is very efficient especially if you are following a certain diet to be able to keep on track of what you eat. You can always place the reason for this diary or your goal in the first page to remind you of the importance of this diary to be able to keep you going.

Now, you are to decide what you are going to put in your diary. Basically, your diary should contain date and time, name of food, amount and portion size. Doctors and dieticians would strongly recommend including the medication you are taking, how much exercise you got for the day, and if you are diabetic, might as well include your blood sugar result. For your diary to be more efficient, you can also include your degree of hunger before eating, how you felt physically and emotionally after eating. With this, you can properly monitor and see the development of your diet. Later on, you will see the improvement and of your healthy lifestyle and seeing how far you’ve made it, will encourage you to go on further with your diet and your goal.

As much as possible, you should update your food diary every meal every day. If cannot be done, you should at least update it at least five days a week. Staggered or irregular update would be useless. Don’t worry in including indulgent snack or dessert you might have taken and just right everything in your diary honestly because this will help you really work on your eating habits. And a little treat for you isn’t really bad as a reward of your discipline in following your diet for the week.

Just make sure that you recorded what you eat and how much honestly including the extras and add ups. No one is supposed to see your diary except you or your dietician who is only allowed under your affirmation so there is actually nothing to fear on putting anything in your diary because of shame or fear of being to discriminated by what and how much you eat.

And by some time, you can start reviewing your accomplishment by checking out your diary. The key is to acknowledge and accept any faults you may find as you go along your diary and from there you can decide for some corrective or preventive actions to be able to achieve your goal. Later on, you’ll see that a food diary is worth the effort after all.


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