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Brain Boosters

Brain Boosters

Does it seem like your brain is not working at its maximum capacity? Do you feel like your brain can do more but there is something that is lacking? Well, you are one lucky gal because the answer is right here. Maybe you just do not feed your brain well. It is not the rhetorical feeding like reading, answering quizzes, or learning trivia. It is really about feeding like what you eat nourishes your brain. There are no magical capsules that could make you smarter or boost your IQ, but there are foods you can eat to help your brain perform at its best. Here are some of the best brain foods out there. Be sure to get enough of them.

If you want to be more alert, have your dose of caffeine. It energizes you and it helps you focus and concentrate. However, its effect is only short-term and it could cause a drastic crash after. Just do not overdo your caffeine consumption to avoid being jittery and uncomfortable.

Like caffeine, sugar could also boost your alertness. It would serve as your brain’s fuel source. It is not about table sugar though. The sugar we are talking about here is glucose manufactured by the body from the sugars and carbohydrates we eat.  A simple glass of sweet drink could boost our alertness, memory, cognitive processes, and mental ability. However, just like with caffeine, its effect is short-term. Be reminded to be also really cautious in having enough sugar. Too much of it could do harm to your memory and your body.

Make eating breakfast a daily habit. Doing so could improve short-term memory and attention. Your daily breakfast should include high-fiber whole grains, dairy products and fruits. But be careful not to overeat. Too much calories during breakfast could interfere with your concentration.

You also better start like eating fish from now. Fishes, specifically salmons and tunas, are abundant in omega-3. Omega-3 is vital for brain function and development. Being well-supplied with omega-3 lowers your risk of dementia and stroke, slows down memory decline, and could possibly enhance the memory. Not only is it good for the brain but also for the heart. See to it that you have at least two servings of fish every week.

Nuts and chocolates are also certified brain foods. They are rich in Vitamin E which deals with memory decline as you grow older. Dark chocolates also have caffeine which could boost concentration and alertness. Enjoy a maximum of an ounce of nuts or chocolates (preferably dark) everyday.

Avocados and whole grains are also included in our list. We must be having fairly enough of whole grains to cut the risk of cardiovascular disease and lower bad cholesterol levels in the body. This leads to a healthy blood flow all throughout the body, and your brain is highly dependent on it.

Also opt for blueberries. They could help protect the brain from deterioration brought about by free radicals and aging.

Also be well-supplied with all the essential vitamins and minerals through your diet and supplements.

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