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Foods to Complement Your Workout

Foods to Complement Your Workout

Working out really hard for fitness does not begin and end with constantly moving and toning those muscles. What we eat also play a major role in having the fit and healthy body we have always wanted. Here are some of the best foods you might want to get more of as you work hard in working out.

Go grab some whole grain bagels. If there is something that would be deemed best to eat before starting your workout, it would be bagels. Its carbohydrates would help deliver energy in your body in a steady flow over a period of time. They do not just give you energy in one powerful blow like caffeine and sugar. They would help you wind up and drop down with ease and comfort.

You might also want to have more of bananas. No, they do not just keep the doctor away if you have at least one of them every day. Its high potassium content is also a powerful tool in easing that pain you feel on the side of your stomach. Though sodium is the reason for muscle cramps, potassium would also be highly important to replace the fluids lost when we sweat. They are also rich in carbohydrates that energize us.

Berries are also a great choice for being among the best antioxidants. They protect the muscles from free radical damages that could be caused by exercise. See to it that you would have a handful of blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries.

Carrots are not only good for your lovely eyes but also for your muscles and blood pressure. They are rich in carbohydrates that v the energy the body needs and are rich in potassium to help regulate the blood pressure and muscle contractions.

Your favorite meal from childhood is back to serve you. Chicken thighs are rich in iron and zinc that would boost your energy. Aside from your iron and zinc needs, this yummy meat would also give you your vitamin B complex.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with chocolate milk. Milk has so much more than just calcium. It gives you many vital nutrients and low calories. Chocolate is also loaded with such. But if you combine both, according to studies, it would not be far from drinking recovery drinks that replenish and repair your muscles.

Eggs are also a good choice. And do not eat just the white part, go or the yolk. It is loaded with iron and lechitin which is good for the overall health of the brain. The brain is very ital in exercise. It keeps us focused. And remember this every time you get tired or feel weak: mind over matter.

Oranges also manage to make it to our list. They are available all throughout the year meaning you could have any time you want. Also, they are a terrific source of vitamin C. Vitamin C does not only strengthen the immune system but also repairs muscle tissues and are key players in the production of collagen. If you have not heard, collagen is a form of tissue that helps keep the bones strong.

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