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Foods to Help You Sleep

Foods to Help You Sleep

Are you having some troubles with regards to sleep lately? Do you find it hard to drift off to dream land? Or maybe you feel like you are not getting enough rest? Maybe your sleep is not so much of a good one? Well, worry no more. There plenty of ways to have the sleep you have always wanted. Yes, too many of them. In this article, we would help you deal with your sleeping problems through food. Yes, you read it right. You could get better quality sleep through food. So, mate, buckle up and prepare for the ride.

Cherries are not all sweet and cute. They are also rich in melatonin which could give you a good quality of slumber. Or better yet, cherries would give you a healthy kind of one. Melatonin balances your sleeping and waking patterns. This is especially beneficial for people who work at night. To keep them always fresh and yummy, keep them in your refrigerator and wash them before consuming. Aside from these red and cute little babies, melatonin may also be derived from oats, sweet corn, and rice.

Turkeys are not just the best bet during special occasions like Thanksgiving. Turkeys can offer pretty much more. They are rich in the amino acid called tryptophan. This amino acid aids the body in producing serotonin. If you have not heard, serotonin is mood-boosting brain chemical that helps regulate relaxation and sleep. Since it takes about an hour before tryptophan starts working, it is better to plan your dinner ahead. Bon appétit and sweet dreams!

If you are a huge fan of milk, maybe you could try soy milk. It is a kind of milk made from soy obviously. This wonder milk that is, of course, rich in calcium is also good for your sleeping needs. It also has tryptophan which is also found and turkeys and whose benefits we already discussed, and its calcium which helps the body use tryptophan to make melatonin which is also contained in cherries and whose benefits we also have already discussed. Great, isn’t it?

A hot cup of tea may also be exactly what you need. One cup before going to bed helps you to relax. However, be sure it is decaffeinated. To be exact, chamomile tea is what you really need. It has been long known as a traditional sleeping complement.

Cereals are also good not only for breakfast but also before going to bed. They are made of whole grains which contain tryptophan whose benefits we already discussed if you have not forgotten, and also fiber and carbohydrates which increase the amount of insulin in the blood which helps the tryptophan reach the brain faster. Eat your cereals with little to no sugar.

Cashews are also a good sleeping time food. They are rich in magnesium which helps people to fall and stay asleep easily. Magnesium could also be found in whole grains, milk, green leafy veggies, and other nuts.

If ever you do have restless leg syndrome (RLS) which interferes with your sleep, you better have some beef. It is a great source of vitamin B12 and iron which could ease your RLS.

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