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For a Flat Tummy

For a Flat Tummy

A woman would do anything to lose the pounds, cut the unwanted fats, and trim their tummy. What would you do and give up for a flat tummy? You do not need to dive into risky undertakings to have the tummy you have always wanted. Here are the things you need to know.

You do not have to give up party nights and drinking sessions to have a flat tummy. A really good news, eh? Yes, drinking alcohol could slow down the fat burning process. It is because the liver prioritizes the processing of alcohol before the processing of fats and proteins. However, you do not have to say goodbye to your wine and beer when all you drink is one serving a day. Fair enough.

Also, get rid of the stress! Take time to breathe and relax. Chill, girl! Anxiety is scientifically proven to make you fat. Being anxious triggers the production of cortisol which is a naughty hormone that encourages the body to store fats instead of burning them. This is most especially true in the tummy part. Deep-breathing exercises to relieve you from stress, anxiety and all your emotional baggage work greatly. Take a break from the stressful environment every hour and take ten deep breaths.

And if you think that starving yourself would save you from the unwanted fats, think again. If you make starving yourself a habit, your body would then start storing fat for fear of not being fed. So whenever you feel hungry, eat up. And do not eat too little. Eat enough.

Keeping your heart in good shape also guarantees a body in good shape. Keep moving and toning those muscles thus making your heart healthier and your body more fit. Muscles are found to be more metabolically active than fat. This means that if you more muscles, your body fats would be burned faster. Go for resistance and strength trainings to obtain lean muscles. Take your workouts seriously.

Of course, it great helps to do workouts that tone your abs. Work out every angle. Challenge your abs and see astonishing improvements. Your hard work and all those sweat would pay off. That’s for sure.

Drinking green tea also helps a lot. Not only does green tea’s antioxidants promotes better and faster metabolic processes, it also especially target your belly flabs. You may want to start drinking gallons and gallons of green tea. If you cannot manage, even a cup at morning would do fine.

Also, do not deprive yourself of good sleep. Lack of a good night’s sleep slows down your metabolism and promotes weight gain. Yikes!

It also helps to reduce your sugar intake. Too much sugar in the body makes it produce more insulin which, in turn, slows down the metabolic processes. You may eat some occasionally. But try to handle your sweet tooth as much as possible.

Also, focus on exercises that work on large and multiple muscle groups. This burns fat more quickly and effectively. Work out smartly, girl.

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