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Fun in Fitness

Fun in Fitness

Fitness life being tiresome is just said by people who never tried being fit at all. Fitness is not just about making you tired and sweating up. If you are to ask people who are in to fitness lifestyle, the thing you’ll hear the most are about the good sides of becoming fit and you won’t hear them complaining of it being tiresome or what so ever. Fitness is really fun, if you’re in doubt of it, well I guess you have to start doing some trainings and fitness workouts for you to find out.

Is it really fun to get sweaty and tired? Fitness is not really about getting tired and sweaty. You never have to think about it when you’re at it. I think “to lose weight” is the most common reason why people get engaged in to fitness lifestyle. Yes. Getting yourself into fitness is perhaps the best way to lose weight. It is not only 100 % effective but it is also healthy and good for your body. As you get involve to the exercise or workout that you are doing, you start to enjoy it. How?

Fitness exercise clears your mind from stress that is brought by your work at the office or at home. As it helps in the blood circulation, it also supply oxygen to your brain giving you that clear and relax mind. As you do your workouts, it shifts your thoughts to focus on the workout rather than getting stressed on what bothers you. It is actually a better past time especially when you are mad rather than drinking alcohol since it keeps your whole body rather than making your liver suffer all the alcohol you are to take by drinking.  As for me, running is actually a time for myself. As I go along wondering to different places I run into, it gives me a relaxing effect and relieves me from stress. It enables me to think things on a clearer perspective and enables me to end up with fair and good judgments or decisions.

Getting yourself into fitness allows you to make friends; true friends. You can find people who can actually understand how you felt even if you are just a beginner because every strong athlete is once a beginner. I really enjoy running with friends. Though there are times I do run alone, running with friends will never make you tired as you enjoy the company. Whatever sports you may be engaged with, there will always be someone whom you can make friends with. There are different clubs or organizations that welcome everyone who wants to be fit and they will also encourage you to keep going. You’ll never feel lonely! This is actually one of the main reasons I love running, because I was actually able to find a second family here.

Lastly, as long as you never stop persevering, you end up seeing yourself excelling and becoming better and better than you were before. This will actually boost your confidence to face people around you. It erases all your insecurities with something you can actually be proud of. With that, you’ll learn to love yourself more which is important for all individual to experience. So who says being fit isn’t fun?

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