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Getting a Tattoo

Getting a Tattoo

Is getting a tattoo worth all the pain and money? More importantly, what if having one is just out an

impulsive decision and makes you regret having it? But what if it turns out to be something you will be
proud of for all your life? Of course, the decision is all yours. But it will surely be better if you are armed
with the adequate knowledge you need before making your final decision and getting that tattoo.

Some decades ago, tattoos are usually seen on pirates, gang members and outlaws, the tough guys.
But nowadays, it appears to be a really widespread form of decorating or beautifying the body. Tattoos
are not just in the form of skulls, anchors, guns and lots of other tough stuff but evolved up to being
personalized designs used by lots of people to express themselves, to show and appreciate art.

Technically, a tattoo is a form of body modification, a puncture wound made on the skin to insert
permanent ink into the dermis layer of the skin and change the color of the pigment. What makes it last
is that, as mentioned, the ink is inserted into the dermis. It is a layer in the skin that is a level deeper
than the epidermis which is the outermost layer.

Tattoos can be done manually or using a tattoo machine. In the manual procedure, the tattoo artist
would make an outline of the design on the skin and puncture the skin with needle and inject the ink
manually. This process is still used in some regions. But there are those who switched to the modern
way. It is through using a machine where at one end, the needle is placed and is connected to a tube
containing the ink. Tattooing is a tedious and critical process since punctures not deep enough will make
the design look uneven while punctures deeper than they ought to be cause bleeding and extreme pain.
The process may even take long hours if the design is big and complicated.

It may hurt, and it may not. It actually depends on the capability of the person having the tattoo to
handle pain. Some say it is like being stung by hornets a couple of times since the needle punctures the
skin many times. The pain it may bring also depends on the person handling the machine and the part
where the tattoo is placed. Also, be advised that bleeding may occur.

If you really are eager to have one, just be sure that the tattoo experience would be a safe one. Be sure
that you have taken immunizations especially for hepatitis and tetanus to avoid infection. If you are
enduring a medical problem, consult with your doctor if it would be safe for you to get a tattoo. See to
it that the tattoo clinic and the instruments are clean and properly sterilized. Just take every necessary
step to avoid infection. Better safe than sorry. Also, remember that once you get out of the tattoo shop,
your tattoo is solely your responsibility. Take care of it. Remember that tattoo is a wound, so as long as
it still fresh, it is still susceptible to infection.

Though there procedures like surgery or laser removal in eliminating a tattoo from your body, it is still
best if you will just get one if you are really, really sure that you want one. Removal of a tattoo can be
expensive and it does not guarantee the complete removal of a tattoo depending on how old it is, its
size and the colors.

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