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Getting Preggy

Getting Preggy

Miss Universe 1994 Sushmita Sen once said, “The essence of being a woman is being a mother.” And what most natural, common and most widely accepted and embraced way to be a mother is to bear a child. A woman should be well-acquainted with ABCs of the beginning of her lifelong duty as a mother.

Some early symptoms of a possible pregnancy are spotting, cramping and morning sickness. There are also noticeable changes in the breasts and signs of fatigue. Of course, one of the most common indicators is an occurrence of missed periods though this may also happen to women who have irregular menstrual period patterns. Frequent urination and constipation are also possible symptoms for pregnancy. Other body pains like headache, and back pain, and sick feelings like dizziness and fainting are also possible to occur. Mood swings are also major sings of being pregnant. A pregnant woman could possibly acquire all of these signs or symptoms, or just have at least one or two. It varies from every pregnancy case to another.

The moment you start carrying a child in your womb, there might be lifestyles and routines you should start, revise, change or even get rid of. First and foremost, exercise. Aside from helping you stay in shape despite that growing belly, it also lessens the risk of miscarriage and has also been proven to minimize labor pains and time. Also, educate yourself regarding pregnancy. Buy books, watch informative shows and documentaries, read from the Internet and magazines. You can also try asking friends and relatives who have already undergone pregnancy. The best weapon you could ever have in whatever undertaking you have to go to is nothing less than knowledge. Eat healthy. Get more fruits and vegetables, and lessen the junkies and fats. Also, start eating for two. Get rid of your vices. Throw your cigarette sticks and quit drinking alcohol. Not only are they bad for your health but also for the well-being of your baby. Act pregnant. Do not get involved in risky, dangerous, and stressful activities. Take lots of rest and sleep. Get regular checkups to make sure everything is going well for you and your baby. Avoid taking meds, and if you really have to, consult your physician. If possible, try curing yourself the natural way. Drink lots of water, at least eight glasses everyday. You could also start creating a pregnancy journal to keep track of your activities and everything you intake.

Aside from the physical preparations, also be prepared psychologically and emotionally. Keep picturing yourself as a mom. Make up your mind on what kind of parenting you would apply when rearing your child. Get your camera ready. Capture every moment you would want to look back to when your kid starts growing up. Read others’ stories regarding pregnancy and giving birth. Empathize with them and so you would have an idea hat and how to feel when your turn comes.

Pregnancy is the first big step into the next great chapter of your life, especially that you are becoming a mother and would start giving and nurturing another life. Make every moment count.

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